Song for brother/sister dance in place of father/daughter
Hey everyone! I'm getting married next summer and I have a slight dilemma. My father is deceased so I am having my older brother walk me down the aisle in his absence. I would also like to have a brother/sister dance at my reception in lieu of the father/daughter dance for obvious reasons. My problem is that I can't seem to find a song that's appropriate for my brother and I to dance to. My FH is planning to dance with his mother and I feel it would be rather odd if I didn't acknowledge my brother in the same capacity, since he is the only male role model that has been in my life. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help =D

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Mrs Knight
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I think that is really sweet that you are having your brother give you away! Is there a song that your brother and you sang together growing up? Like for my father/daughter dance instead of the traditional songs about fathers and daughters, I am doing You Are My Sunshine because I would sing that to my dad when he came home from work.

Or another thought is you could have the song be a tribute from you and your brother to your dad depending on how close you were to your father.

(I'm sorry your father wont be there for your special day)

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I hope you dance by Leeann Womack is appropriate

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My FH's mother passed away about 2 years it does not feel that long... but his sister wants to dance with him, since I will be dancing with my father she doesnt want my FH to feel left out of the tradition. They are going to dance to a Lynard Skynard song because when my FH was a baby his mom would sing that song to him. There wont be a dry eye in the house! Good luck with finding a song. Maybe try to find something that reminds the two of you of your father... not necessarily a brother sister song. And you can have the DJ kinda give an explanation of this before you start to dance.
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These are some great suggestions! If you have a song that is dear to both of your hearts, thats always a good fit for a dance for the two of you. There is also "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill from the Pearl Harbor soundtrack.
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We've had a lot of brides in this similar situation. The most popular ones are:
My Wish - Rascal Flatts
Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
Have I Told You Lately - Van Morrison or Rod Stewart

You can browse through the daddy/daughter song playlist, and pick out the ones that don't talk specifically about fathers and daughters.
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Wind Beneath My Wings and You Raise Me Up are a couple more which come to mind.

Think about songs which mean a lot to both of you or bring back memories between the 2 of you from childhood.

With Blessings to both of you on this special day!

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Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! I really appreciate all your help =)This is something that I was pretty concerned about but now I'm more confident that I will find the right song! Thank you ladies!!!!

A to Z Wedding Planning
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I love that you are having your brother walk you down the aisle, I actually did the same thing at my own wedding!

I would suggest using a song that you like, sets the right mood, but isn't too serious (or daddy/daughterish). I might suggest "My Girl" which is a fun classic song.

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I think Flaming Lips' "Do you realize" would be a great song, if you are into something a little more funky.

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"Perhaps Love" by John Denver might be a great song. It's refrain says "my memories of love will be of you". Good luck finding something.

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well, I also have the same problem and posted a post about it. I like Hero and throught the years. my bro are realy close. ps I like your wedding date lol.
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We give this suggestion alot. How about There you'll be by Faith Hill.

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I was surprised to see that 2 other prides (with the same wedding date) had this same situation! Unfortunately BOTH my parents have passed away. The moment I started to listen to There you'll be by Faith Hill I started to cry, and they weren't happy tears. =( I don't think I could handle that song nor could my bro. I like this thread though! Lots of Ideas =)

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My older brother is walking me down the aisle in place of my father who is terminally ill and won't be able to travel for the wedding. I have been searching for a song to dance with him to. I have taken many suggestions but there aren't many that fit what I am looking for. Here are a few suggestions that I found very fitting for a brother/sister dance: My Sister by Reba McIntire, Sister by the Dave Mathew's Band, Oh, Sister by Bob Dylan, You've Got a Friend by James Taylor, Lean on Me by Bill Wilthers , Whenever You Remember by Carrie Underwood, Sister By Nixons (the acoustic version is a lot softer). Hope these suggestions help anyone else who is searching. I think I am going to go with the Dave Matthew's song. It is perfect! Best of luck!

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I actually like the song i hope you dance!! im actually in the same situation now!! i was adopted and my birth father doesnt care to be in my life and my adoptive father was abusive sob and hasnt been in my life since i was in 5th grade thank god!! so adoptive brother, big brother, is my best friend and father so i think im goin with i hope you dance i love that song!!!! but it does make me wanna cry cuz i dont have that father every girl wants!! it brings out the little girl in me everytime!

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I just found a song for my brother and I to dance to by John Legend called "it don't have to change" It's very fitting for my situation(our parents are divorced)

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I saw my dad die very tragically when I was 7, and it took my brother 24 hours to get home. He will be walking me down the aisle, and we're dancing to "Who you'd be today" by Kenny Chesney.

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I just lost my dad this month after a 5 year long battle with cancer. We knew in January he only had another 6-8 months to live. At first I thought I would have my mom escort me down the aisle, but I have reconsidered and want my brother to give me away on behalf of my parents. I listened to "There You'll Be" and cried for so many reasons. It represents both my brother and my dad. If I decide I don't want the whole place in tears, I'll go with "You've Got A Friend" by James Taylor. Thanks to all for the suggestions!!

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Wow, so glad I found this...I have literally worried myself sick about this. I dont know my biological father, and have no real step dad in my life..But i have had my brother in-law since i was 10 yrs old, he has been my father figure...and the big brother i never had...couldn't imagine my life without him. I have cried at weddings and watching movies as I see woman getting their father/daughter dance, knowing i wont ever have that..but I thank god I have My bro-in-law to take that void and fill it....there is nobody i would rather do it...I love a lot of these song suggestions..and keep em coming please! Thank you ladies!

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Donna Lewis-- I love you always and forever
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