Something different....The favor table
I am looking into doing something different. Here is what I decided: I will have a table with a variety of favors such as shot glasses, coasters, candy, keyhains, pens, candles, photo frames,compacts, etc. Instead of picking 200 of the same favors the guests will be able to pick and choose before being seated for dinner. I will have a favor table attendent as well, so no one will get 2 lol!!! Just wanted to share that Idea with you all!

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Mrs. Eleni T.
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That sounds like a really cool idea! I bet your guests will enjoy that!!!

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Sounds like a good idea... my only concern is how much of each would you purchase? What if one or even two of the items were the most popular and you ran out? Then guests would be disappointment they walked away with "just a pen" or "just a keychain" when they really want a shot glass or a picture frame, etc.. They may think it is "unfair" that they weren't able to get what they wanted or even just considered "a better gift" than the others.

This may be tacky -- IDK -- everyone is different, but if I was to do this then I would find a way to allow the guests to pick a head of time what they want (include pictures of the item to help them decide if possible) kinda like how they pick their dinner before hand. "Chicken or Fish" lol. Then place their chosen gift @ their seat with their name on the tag. You could put it on your RSVP page on your website so when they go to RSVP, they can easily fill out their name and favor pick. That way everyone gets what they want.

My Beloved, Inc.

My Beloved, Inc.
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What if the key chains run out and your guests get upset? I think that you know your guests, and should put a tiny shopping bag at each place setting with their name written on it. Give them what you think they would like. If your aunt likes angels, for instance and you have a favor with two kissing angels, then of course, you would give her that. You could also post a note card on each table that they have the option to "swap" their favors. Guests should really accept whatever you give them, but if you want to add more of a personal touch, I think this is the way to go. Arranging it beforehand is just a bit too much work, I think. Good luck! Lise'

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DON'T DO IT Yes, I yelled.

People are not coming to your wedding to take home convention type crap. Seriously. I do NOT want a cheap keepsake from a wedding.

If I were to come to your wedding, I expect to enjoy the ceremony, have fun an the reception and not take anything home with me. I bring you the gift. Your gift to me is the reception.

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Though I think it's nice because people could pick what they wanted- people have a good point about certain things running out. If you want some variety maybe go with 2-3 designs of the same type of thing?

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Sounds nice

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ACK! None of you are getting the real message. NO ONE wants favors at a wedding. They are worthless to guests. Some may keep them for a few days IF they take them at all. Seriously SAVE YOUR MONEY!

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I agree with Kathy on this one, although I do think it's find to go and do some edible favors that way you know they don't go to waste, I personnaly dislike your idea, it's seems more like something I'd do for a kids birthday/xmas party.

As a guest, I wouldn't bother with the favor table, perhaps if you only have candies or a variety of candies, I think it'll be more interesting, then if you have all different types of thing, like Kristina stated that could cause some issues if guests don't get what they wanted. Good luck

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even though favors are an "unnecessary expense", i still think it's a nice gesture of thanks to the guests for sharing your special day. i think if you make the choices interesting enough, people won't be too disappointed when one item runs out.

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I think it's a nice idea I will have favors but mines will be all the same thing which is m&m's in my wedding colors with saying on them most of my guest will have kids so they will come in good use lol.

Although Kathy is right guest don't come to a wedding for favors but that's the least you can do is thank them. Yea you can walk around and personally thank them but me it's gonna be to many people.

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I think it's a good idea... but I also think the only type of favors a guest enjoys are the food type... unless they're avid scrapbooks or hoarders - guests don't want to take home a "pen" or "keychain" from a wedding that isn't theirs. Yes, they're happy for you - but you don't have to give them something to constantly remind them that you got married. They will remember the fun times they had & the delicious food more than a pen or keychain.

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I kind of agree with Baby D. The "average" guest won't really care about the favors. Family will probably hoard or want one of each. I use favors from family weddings, showers (wedding and baby), milestone birthday party favors on my Christmas tree. I don't look at them all year long, but when I'm decorating my tree I smile at the memories and good times. No one wants the clutter laying around. Personally I would not use a keychain with a name and a wedding date even if it was a family member.

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I agree with Kathy R.- Scratch that idea quick!!! We are having the small square gift boxes with 7 Hershey's Kisses. We are also doing a cookie buffet/table but keepsake items will go to waste my opinion!

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agreed with everyone! i am doing favors, but they will be homemade cupcakes.

if you are going to do the table, limit the options to 3 max- and you have to make sure you have enough of each so that you don't run out if one turns out to be popular (ie- if you have 3 options and 90 guests, you CAN'T have just 30 of each).

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that a great idea. I think people will surprised. I've never seen that done at a wedding before, and I'm all about seeing/doing things no one has tried!

your post made me think of an idea I had for a table, I just posted about it...

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