some people are pretty annoying
When people ask where we are going on our honeymoon and i tell them cabo san lucas mexico, they act like we are going to be in the middle of gunfire, in some sort of highjacking situation with big cockroaches running around our feet.
Mexico is beautiful and its a little insulting that people think were going to a crappy place for our honeymoon .. Get with it people!! LOL

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I know, I get the same reaction to our cruise honeymoon. My opinion is that people are just envious! (and annoying)

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LOL - you'll be fine :-)

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I just saw a similar sentiment on another thread! Like what I wrote on that one, I hate when certain foreign places get a bad rap! Anywhere in the world where you can go (including the US) is potentially dangerous. If you just exercise common just go off the resort with guided tours only, don't go out at night in unlit areas, etc. it will be fine.

When I went to the DR (punta cana) the people were so welcoming and nice, and really go out of their way. Hospitality is a huge industry and they take a lot of pride in their work even though they make very little money (at least in that area where I stayed).

Most of the people that make those comments to you probably have never been there and don't know what they are talking about..perhaps when you get back you can tell them what an amazing time you had :-) That should shut them up/quell some of their misconceptions!
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We went to Mexico on vacation this year and got a lot of the same responses. People see the news and get crazy about things. Don't let them bring you down! It's going to be amazing!

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Mexico IS beautiful! Unfortunately, that is the only place my father told me not go to b/c it's dangerous for tourists (even at the resorts) :/ Obviously it's not bad enough for them to shut the place down lol. But he's a smart guy and travels a ton so I figure I'll take his word for it and go to a different beachy area. If he hadn't said that though, I'd definitely consider going there.

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I have to admit I was a little like the people who are annoying you lol. I thought all of mexico was run down and very poor. Basically when I thought of it I thought of drugs and violence. All I knew was what I saw on tv.
Fh went there 2 years ago on a cruise and saw a lot of beautiful areas. I was shocked how wrong I was. he said just what Ab did that as long as your smart about what you do you are fine. There are some shady areas but you just don't go there lol.
Another friend went to mexico and loved it. I don't remember the part she went to though.
You will have a wonderful time :-) There is so much to do and so much to see. FH saw so much! He went zip lining in a jungle. he did a lot of hiking. He said he wished they were ported a little longer than 1 day because there was so much he wanted to see.

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I think it's just ignorance. We went to Cancun on our honeymoon and had a couple people say the same thing. It's safer there than it is in a lot of places in the US.

I even went to Juarez five years ago on a missions trip. Prob not the smartest decision, but I made it out alive!

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You know, I've been to Mexico many times and only recently somebody said something about Mexico being "scary." I was kind of shocked. If anyone ever says that to me again I"m going to say "What parts have you been to?" I haven't been to Cabo but I've been to Cancun, Cozumel, and Puerto Vallarta and never once felt unsafe.

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Maybe they watched "Breaking Bad"?

People should always check with the Department of State and with the US embassy in the country they will be traveling to make sure that there are no specific precautions they should be taking and for any changes in travel advisories.

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I got a little bit of this, like weird looks after we told them, I felt very safe. I don't know what people think the resort areas are like, but it isn't scary!

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*rolling eyes* yes, I know people are stupid. just ignore them and be sure to send them the beautiful relaxing photos of the hotel and beautiful water.

On another their truth to the bad stuff going on there...yeah, but you will be on a resort.

Eh, people take cruises and fall overboard. Bad stuff happens everywhere!

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We are going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico and we've been there twice before! We haven't had any problems and the people there are so nice! There are obviously bad parts of Meixco but as long as you don't go roaming around to random places you will be fine! The resort we are staying at is beautiful and the beach is amazing.

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It just depends on where you go in Mexico. I lived in AZ and knew a lot of people who went to MX regularly to see family. They were of course going to non-tourist areas, and those areas can be dangerous. There were times they wouldn't go if they had gotten a warning that violence was high, but those are non-tourist areas.

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There is bad stuff everywhere you go- I'm sure there are people living in different countries that get the same looks when they tell others they're going to the US for their HM.

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I've gotten some snarky comments from people when I told them I'm going on a western Caribbean cruise. We are going on a big new ship (oasis of the seas) and I've cruised a bunch before and have only had great experiences. I find that many people are very anti cruise even though they have never been.

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I find that often the people that make these comments are people who have never or hardly travelled. Of course when travelling, you should take precautions where ever you go- this is just common sense.

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I wouldn't be offended if I were you. It seems like those people are concerned for your wellbeing. Considering it was on the news not too long ago that they DID shoot up a bus of tourists on their way to the resort, don't be surprised people said that. Even Groupon won't sell you a trip there without putting a travel advisory on the bottom.

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People are so wrong! I went to Tulum, Mexico about a year ago and it was a prefect trip. With any place you need to be safe and watch out for yourself, but we had no issues at all on the trip. People were very nice to us. remember in those areas the y depend on tourist so they are going to make sure you are treated well.

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First off, Cabo is not like mainland Mexico. Not that I have a problem with the mainland, but Cabo is kind of like the US's Aspen. We too are going to Cabo and it's nothing like regular Mexico. Google how many celebs vacation or have houses down there. And more than anything, forget about the people saying these things! It's going to be a glorious honeymoon and you're not going to be murdered by drug lords.

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Many Americans are just ignorant about the rest of the world. They hear a few snippets on the news and get all paranoid. We're having our DW in Mexico next year and decided early on that if any of our guests refused to join us in Tulum out of fear for their "safety" that that would be their prerogative but that we'd be heading their without them. That includes the groom's mother and stepfather. If you go looking for trouble anywhere (including your own city) you're going to find it. Most of the violence in Mexico is related to the cartels. Assuming you're not going to try to wrestle control of the lucrative drug trade from one while you're honeymooning, chances are excellent you're going to be just fine. Ignore the stupid, uninformed comments, with a simple, thank you for your concern :-)
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