Some humor for anyone with wedding stress =]
A while back, I was poking fun at my FH for wearing whitey tidys lol. So last night I had a dream that my dress was all messed up because of the alterations and that my FH couldnt find his pants. We ended up getting married with my funny looking dress and him in spider man whitey tidys. so i am considering buying them as a gag gift before the wedding. LOL.

Married: 04/28/2012
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Lol Well the wedding pics would def. be interesting!

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OMG. I've had some pretty random wedding dreams but that's a good one!

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Lol! That's crazy, we had a similar moment last night. It wasn't a dream, but FH and I were in bed and he was making (yet another) list of requests for our wedding night *rolls eyes*. So I casually said, "If I'm doing all these things, then you need to do something for me...I'd be turned on to see you in some cartoon character tighty whiteys on our wedding night." He immediately commenced browsing the internet for superman or spider man briefs. I was hysterically laughing in my head, as I don't really want this, but he is taking it really seriously. You should definitely gag him with them!! lol

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I had a wedding dream about Mike Ditka, that we were taking our pictures in the city before the ceremony and he was crossing the street and we were like, "Coach Ditka! Coach Ditka! Come be in our wedding pictures!"

I think it was a combination of eating spicy food before bedtime, 3 days of emailing my photographer about the day-of-timeline, and then seeing FH's Ditka autograph just before rolling off to dreamland.

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LOL! Yeah, I bought some today for him! HAHA. I am going to wrap them with a note and give them to him before the wedding. I don't want him to open them in front of me though. Lol.

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And I'm glad all of the wedding dreams I have been having aren't freaking me out. They have all been quite funny lol. Thankfully!

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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That's awesome! I had one dream and it was months ago. I woke up on my wedding day with my front teeth hurting - I looked in the mirror both of them were rotted black. I went to an emergency dentist, in my gown, where he told me it was life or death that my teeth had to be pulled. I said Oh Well guess I'll be dead cuz I have 1st Looks in an hour - so he offered to paint my teeth white with white out or he could pull them and put chicklets in for temporary false teeth. I was freaking out in the dentist office cuz my wedding pics were going to be ruined. I woke up with both of my teeth hurting - then I realized it was just a dream and I was fine.

I have to say I'd wear Spiderman Underoos instead of Chicklet False Teeth anyday! LOL

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Omg chicklets hahaha. Thats hilarious. I found it important to find humor in my dreams because I am the type of person that if I don't, I will make myself freak out and cause anxiety lol. Not good before a wedding!

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Hahahah this is great-- It totally made my day!

Married: 04/28/2012
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Good =] I was seeing a lot of women on here sounding kind of upset with some things so I thought I'd lighten the mood ;)
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