So I think I found my dress.. but I can't try it on..
I have a themed wedding of days of old! Where knights swung their swords for justice and chivalry was an actual every day occurrence.

Anyway, wedding dresses in bridal salons just don't seem to fit my style. I plan to go to more but I think I may have found my dress. I just can't try it on!

I have had dreams about this dress for over two nights now. I am sure there are more to come.

What would you do? Buy it or try and find something different?

I think there are only a few things in my dream that were different.. the color! Haha.

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I would not buy something I can't try on. Don't take this the wrong way, but have you considered a costume shop?

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you could take this picture into the bridal shops with you and they might be able to find something similar so you can try on the style, and i'm sure you could have the sleeves made if you really wanted... i love it by the way

afterthough: you could try calling medieval times, they have the princess in a dress that looks a lot like that in gold, i'm sure they can tell you where they got it and all
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and what is the color you want?

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There are also custom dress designers all over that could take what you love about that dress and make it into your dream dress that is perfectly tailored to you... I'd be more apt to do that than buy a dress I couldn't try on, but that's just me.

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If your not opposed to renting, try a costume shop for rentals.

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I found a dress when I first started shopping around online that I fell instantly in love with. Plus, the name of the dress was the name of one of my nieces, so I felt like it was meant to be...but alas, the dress was nowhere in the state of Colorado and the only way I could try it on was to purchase it....I didn't take the risk. I can't imagine purchasing something that I couldn't try on first or at least return if it wasn't right.
Can you take this picture into some of the bridal salons and show them what you're looking for? Maybe they have a dress that is similar?? Could you potentially have a seamstress make this dress for you?

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It looks very beautiful. Do you know who i it from? I remember I had a dream of a dress. It just seemed like I couldnt find the right one.

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I would like the dress in a shade of purple.

I could get it made, but isn't that kind of..stealing the design.. even if it is altered slightly?

The dress is made the state over which has to be over 8 hours AT THE LEAST away from me.

I don't want to rent the dress. I would want it just for me! Heck, if my FH is opposed of renting.. so am I!

I wouldn't go to a costume shop simply because the materials used on costumes are inferior and are not what I would want on my special day. I want to feel like a bride after all. =P

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She does make it in purple. But it's not returnable, except for a merchandise credit. I'd be a bit nervous about buying a dress (particularly at that price) that I couldn't return.

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If you can't try it on, or even see it in person before you buy it, well that just doesn't seem like a wise move to me. As an artist though, my thoughts on "stealing" design are thus:

Are you profiting on this?
It's just for you, and you're not going to go out into the world and say: "oh lookit this I made it and I am the original creator of the entire idea"... then you know, I would be flattered someone liked my idea enough to be inspired by it and use it in their own WEDDING.

If it's a real true concern, you could contact the original designer and ask her thoughts. But I'd also throw out there that this dress does fit your theme - days of old - that this is not an original design that just magically popped into her head - she's borrowing inspiration from elsewhere as well.

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I think Kristin said it well.

If you went in with a specfic dress and said "make this exactly" just so you wouldn't have to pay the expensive designer price, that would be stealing. But having a custom made dress for you, inspired by another dress isn't stealing. Do you think the designer of that dress had a completely original thought when she came up with it? Probably (or definitely) not.

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Simply put DO NOT PURCHASE THE DRESS IF YOU CANNOT TRY IT ON. Dresses look different on models than on ourselves.
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You have a very specific look in mind. I agree that going to a dressmaker would be the way to go. They will fit it to you exactly and can make adjustments to the design if needed. I would go to a costume shop to look for something in that shape to try on. That way you can make sure you look good in that style.

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I would try it on first.. but that is just me.. this dress could be photo shopped or something else.. and you wouldnt know until you got it and didn't love the dress.

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there has to be a wedding type dress in this style!! i was looking into white versions of pretty much the same style dress and found some close by panina from say yes to the dress. you also can always get the brunt of the dress and add the sleeves to it.

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well on their website it says:

"I only accept very limited commissions for the gowns. In order for a gown to be made for you, you need to:
- Be able to attend fittings in person
- Be up to the US size 18
- Let me know early :-)"

so even if you bought the dress without trying it on, i doubt you would want to travel 8hrs to attend fittings too?

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Exactly what I was thinking. I don't really want to travel that far for fittings.

I suppose I could go to a local dress maker.. I would just have to find one!

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Have you called and asked about Quinceanera dresses? It would be a way to get a purple corset top dress. And if it is by a designer, they might be able to send you matching gloves. (that can be made into some kind of sleeve)

some designers - see if there are any stores around you that carry these:
Vizcaya by Mori Lee, Q by DaVinci, Quinceanera Collection by House of Wu, Loving Collection by Mary's Bridal, Princess Collection by Mary's Bridal

Mary's Bridal - Style: #S10 4718 - but I think it is discontinued.... but this gives you an idea of what is out there.

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My friend bought a dress from Mary's Bridal 6 months ago. She saw it in a magazine and couldn't try it on. I told her she was taking a chance. I wouldn't buy something and not be able to return it especially if I'm spending a large sum of money. When her wedding day came she looked beautiful. The dress fit perfectly. Its up to you. Good luck

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You may have trouble finding a seamstress willing to make the corset portion, because corsetry is kind of its own thing. You definitely want steel boning, and the good kind. Plastic boning is going to buckle and poke, and it'll look like something from Hot Topic. I do the Renaissance thing and have had a fair number of corsets, good and bad.

Another option: There are a lot of sites where you can get a beautiful corset, then find fabric to match and have the skirt and sleeves made.
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