Small wedding brides (less than 50 guests)?
Seems like everyone is having a fairly "normal" wedding with 100 guests. Any other small wedding brides besides me? :(

Why did you choose a small wedding?

How many people are in your wedding party?

Are you having a party later for all the rest of your family and friends?
EDIT: Post ideas for your "just married" party! :)

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Because our wedding itself will be a DW, we'll have 21-25 people (4 still deciding whether they can make it). We're not having a wedding party, but we're each having a friend do a short reading. Everyone will have dinner together at the restaurant on site and then'll we'll celebrate on a private rooftop terrace afterward.
We are having a bigger post-wedding celebration at home. Many of my smaller family can't make it, and FH has a huge family. It an afternoon-early evening event that is somewhere between a reception (but no dance floor) and a brunch (but more food). Mostly socializing, but no one will be reprimanded for a dance. :)
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i am having small wedding hopefully no more than 50 people will show up.
my wedding party is about 6 people not including me and FH. and yes we will be having a reception. my wedding will cost about 7500

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I'm having a small wedding because of budget mainly, but also because I only want to share the day with the people who are most important to me. To each their own but I dunno how people have guestlists of 350 people. I don't even KNOW that many people lol.

No wedding party. Too much headache.

No separate party.

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We wanted a very small wedding (no more than 50 people) but once we began looking at venues we realized we had to meet minimum requirements everywhere... even resturants. So our guest list is at 60.

We have no wedding party - just a MOH & BM. We wanted the ceremony to concentrate entirely on us. It's very important to both of us to have a small intimate ceremony & reception. We're not 'showy' people - we like to keep to ourselves. Now a days weddings have become the social highlight of most calendars- we don't want our day all over facebook so we've restricted guests to just be closest family & friends (with no camera permitted). We will not be having a big reception for our extended family & friends. We prefer to spend the money on the honeymoon ;)

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We were originally going for around 100 people max, but decided that we just couldn't afford a good wedding with that amount so we've put the cap at 50 people which includes our wedding party (4 BM, 3 GM). It actually worked out since the venue for the ceremony doesn't hold many people.. We wanted to be able to throw a good time for our guests and we just couldnt do that for a bigger crowd. The nice part is that it includes everyone that we absolutely must have there, that we WANT there. It's starting to turn out perfect. :)

Since our wedding is likely going to be in the day (we just decided) our close friends and my *new husband* and I will be going out for a private celebration which will not be as formal. The day after will be breakfast with our gang and then off to our mini-moon on the Oregon coast!
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I have only invited about 40 people. We are having our wedding about 2 hours from where we live, however we have only invited family (that we like) and a FEW close friends, but that means ALL of our guests (but 2) are across the country. I have never wanted a big wedding, I have always pictured an intimate affair for my dream day. I have no wedding party, again, I didn't want one. I have a best friend who is my "honorary" bridesmaid, because she will be my right hand woman while I'm decorating and getting ready, but the only other person standing up with us is my son. :D And I am still having a full reception with a large dinner, open bar, dj, dancing, candy buffet, etc, just on a smaller scale.

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Not gonna lie, when I read the title of this post, I read "Small brides." I felt excluded as a plus sized bride... :-D


We had a small wedding by accident. We had 111 RSVP that they were coming and about 40 ish people show up. It was nice because we knew everybody and we were able to donate A LOT OF FOOD to the homeless shelter but it was irritating at the same time. If people would have just RSVPd "NO" instead of trying to save my feelings, we could have had a much more lavish wedding.


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We had 65 guests. I had my cousin stand up with me and my husband has his sister stand up with him. We chose to have a small wedding because I had lived in several different states and my husbands family is huge (I mean a lot of family members). So either we were going to have everyone or cut it small and make it fair on both sides. We cut it small so we could upgrade everything for our guests we did invite.

We did not have a party later with family and friends but they did throw us a large wedding shower before the wedding - which was greatly appreciated.

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We had 80 on the invite list but about 65-70 are going to show up...and thats seriously the smallest we could get it. I have such a huge family because my parents are divorced and both remarried...I literally have 15 nieces and nephews, 8 brothers/stepbrothers/stepsisters, and like 15 aunts and uncles that we are really close with...and the guests that are from my FH side are only about 15 people... :-o

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We are having a DW so we will have about 25-30 guests. Our wedding party is 10 people in total (whcih I realize is a lot concidering how few guests will be there haha) but they are all very close friends that we really wanted standing up with us.

Like Cheapskate_Nik, my FH and I only wanted to spend the day (and the week we'll all be on vacation in the Dominican) with those most important to us and those 25 people ARE so important to us. We could not be happier with the size of our wedding :) I also love that it's so small because we can pay special attention to each of our guests.

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I'm having a very small wedding ~25 people. This is partly by choice (we planned around 40) and partly due to family drama. But having a small wedding is nice. The planning is less stressful and for the same money, we can provide a nicer party for our guests. Also, we will get a chance to really socialize with our guests and the people most important to us are all coming. I feel like if we had like 200 people, we would barely get to speak to many of them.

Due to the size of the wedding we were able to upgrade the bar and food. We are also going to go around with our photographer during the reception and take a photo with each guest/family. We're going to send the photos with our thank you cards. I think that's a pretty unique personal touch.

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i so envy you brides who have the small weddings, so much more relaxing and peaceful, i invited 235, and 190 are coming pray for me.

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We are having a very small wedding. We are having 22 people including my FH and I. Nine of those are my mom, dad, brother, partner, sister, BIL and her three kids. The only bridal party we are having are my son and his daughter. My sister and brother will most likely sign the marriage certificate. We decided on the small wedding because all of my FH family lives out of country. We are having it out of state and since I am relocating next year to live in the same state as my FH, we decided rather save the money for that.

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We're having a semi-DW - the beach is only about 6 hours away. We would invite more people, but we are footing the bill ourselves, and we can't afford more than 25. We probably won't have a reception back home for everyone because we can't afford that either lol. I think we will only have 2-3 BMs and 2-3 GM, but we're not sure yet. I'm actually glad we're doing a small wedding because now I don't have to worry about stuff like seating arrangements, finding a huge venue, etc.

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Beatrice: I couldn't image. Maybe I'm a beeyoch, but there isn't 235 or 190 people in this world I like enough to invite to my wedding! :D Good luck!! :D

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We had a small wedding - actually, I think you would call it intimate. Including ourselves, the number came to 31. Reasons? We are both older. I was 50 and he was 57, so the pressure to have a huge wedding just wasn't there for either of us. Another consideration was that most of our families live in other states and are elderly. While we did send them invitations, we did not expect any of them to attend. Third consideration was time and budget. We paid for the weddng ourselves, and everything included, it cost us around $3,000. We had originally planned to get married in May 2011, but decided to push up the date to July 2010. That meant putting a wedding together in 2 1/2 months.

Our wedding party consisted of my MOH (best friend), Best Man (husband's eldest son), Jr Bridesmaid (husband's granddaughter), and Ringbearer (husband's grandson).

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Our guest list included 72 invites. We'll have a grand total of 31 in attendance.

We choose it because we wanted something more intimate. It also happened to work out well that FH's family can't travel easily- so getting married up there was easier. He doesn't have many close friends up there, and out close friends from here will travel to Jupiter if we ask them to. My family have to travel anyway...

We'll do a big house party about 6-8 weeks later in our hometown for our friends to celebrate. Heat up the BBQ, I'll throw on my after party dress, another cake, the wedding pictures and plenty of alcohol!

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Our wedding is will be small considering others. I originally wanted to go off to a quiet B&B and have a small ceremony with our son's and parents. FH wanted to invite everyone he knows so I agreed to let go of the smaller crowd and settled on no more than 75guest. He hates the restriction but I have to keep reminding him. We're paying per person and I refuse to pay for someone neither likes or haven't seen in ages.

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@ Jennifer, my FH has a huge family and they all are extremely close so just his immediate family is 75 people, and then my family and close friends. its crazy every 190 of those people we all know and we are close to, we had to cut people out :(

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Your'e not alone! I'm having a little 50 guest wedding and NO WEDDING PARTY! I have a lot of great friends and a huge, extended air show family, but I don't want to spend a lot on a wedding, so I found a small venue that we liked, so we would have a simple excuse to keep our guest list small.
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