Site for guests to upload photos?
We're looking for a good site for guests to upload their photos of the wedding. It must be easy to use. Are there any that are free or low cost? We want to be able to download and keep the photos.

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Some of the couples on here are going to use shutterfly -- here is my website: . However, guests have to sign into the website to upload (they have to create an account) so I created an email address specifically for my guests to sign in with to upload their photos. So, I'll provide the guests with a business card at the wedding with the information to upload their photos--it's also on our wedding website :)
Another website is
Shutterfly is free. Weddinglens you have to pay for for some services.

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here is the Wedding lens website (the above is incorrect):

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I used shutterfly. It's free.

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Does Shutterfly have a maximum amount you can upload? And thanks, by the way!!

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I created a shutterfly one..

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I use Flickr for photo storage already, so I created a group for the wedding that people could be added to, allowing them to upload to the group photo pool. Flickr does have a maximum amount for individual accounts, although if you have Flickr Pro ($25/year), it's like 2GB a month so I've never hit the cap. If you used heavnsnt's strategy (good idea!) you'd probably want to get a paid account for it, but with multiple people in a group, individual account limits might not be a problem. Having them all associated with the same account would also make it easier to get prints and whatnot, though.

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I have tons of photos on shutterfly-I don't think there's a limit. We're going to have a laptop set up at the reception so people can just upload their photos right there.
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Please check us can start free and move to an unlimited members, bandwidth, photo storage, everything for $29.95/year access.

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We used GuestSnapper at

We liked the fact it was purely wedding based and you get your own web address separate from the main site making it more personal. They sort out printing the cards for your guests as well meaning you just have to hand them out.

We have been to weddings with laptops and found it too much of a distraction when people should be having fun.

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I'm using Capsule! It's allowing me to collect all my photos instantly from guests with the mobile app called capsulecam. There website is

My wife is obsessed with getting every photo taken at her big day lol

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Flickr and Picassa seem to be most popular with brides. You could also do a Facebook Group or create a private group on Flickr. If you did have a budget for it, a photo-app like PhotoOpp Bride Edition instantly collects all photos in an online album (you can download and print, or share with anyone) and you can also upload digital pics to it.
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