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I'm doing silk flowers for our wedding. We are doing stargazer lilies and trying to look for a less expensive alternative. Does anyone know a website for bulk flowers for a cheap price tag?

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im doing the same flowers too, and they r kinda hard to find. i hope the local silk florist can get me my dream boquet!! and i hope you get yours too :)

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I'm using and they have stargazer lilies. You can tell their flowers are silk (I didn't expect anything less) but they are GREAT quality. Hobby Lobby has silk flowers but they always look so smooshed together and the flowers from have EXCELLENT form.

Here are their links to the different stargazer lilies they have:

And the great thing about afloral is if you order more than 12 stems, they are $.10 less 4 each.


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If you want the higher quality real touch flowers, you can try Angels Accents in Chicago. I'd offer but I'm Canadian
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Another vendor you might want to check out is She is in NY but will mail to you or your planner etc. You can send her photo's of what you are looking for and your buget for decorations, centerpieces, bouquests etc. She will actually create a sample for you with a quote. This way you have the opportunity to view the actual piece's before ordering. All of her work is affordable and custom made for each couple depending on their needs and budget. Good Luck

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I am getting Natural Touch Flowers for my wedding from They custom make ALL bouquets, bouts, corsages, head table pieces ext and their prices are amazing.

Its costing me LESS to have them put together all bouquets, corsages & bouts then it would have cost for me to put together my own wedding flowers with all the supplies.

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There's a silk flower website called I'm not sure if they carry the flowers that you're looking for, but i've heard great reviews about them and they seem pretty inexpensive.
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Please consider going to a retail craft store like Michaels or Joanne Fabrics. Artificial flowers, like everything else it seems, come in different qualities. You can't see what you're buying on line. You may get them and discover they aren't what you want. It's better to be able to see and touch them. You may pay a little more but it will save you a lot of headaches.

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That's what I'm kinda thinking. I've searched everyhere (including michael's and JF) and didnt like the price tag cuz i'm cheap :P But I still don't want to sacrifice quality either, so back to Michael's I go!! :) Thanks so much for all the replies. I really appreciate everybody ttaking the time to reply to my post. My stepmom is making all my flowers, so I'm thinking that is the best solution.
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