should you give a gift for being invited to the after dinner party?
We have been invited to go to the after dinner portion of a friend's wedding this weekend and we have been debating whether a gift should be given or not. It is a toonie bar (we pay two dollars per drink). This couple is also invited to our late night portion for our wedding.

its still the reception but we are not invited for the ceremony or for dinner just basically the drinking and dancing part after.
Thoughts? gift or just a card?

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It's a wedding. Get them a wedding gift. If they are having an after dinner party instead of a reception- yes, a gift is certainly in order. Being that particular location, I'd suggest a cash with a gift card in it.

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In my opinion, no. This is a party after the reception.

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You are invited to the celebration of the marriage. Private ceremonies are not uncommon. Yes, you are invited to what they are doing for a reception. You get them a gift.

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I would give them a gift but just a small one. For example, if you usually give $200 put $50 inside a card and drop if off at the card table. I personally think it's rude of them to invite people to the after-party only instead of feeding them dinner but you don't have to be rude back.

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I personally do not agree with tiered weddings. It would make me feel like I wasn't important enough to be invited to the entire thing....I would not bring a gift since the official party (aka the reception) is over.
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