Should I do online RSVP?
We would like to save money and time by doing a online RSVP for those individuals that have internet. We are getting help from people on both sides of our family to help us identify those individuals who would be more likely to use the online feature. For those people who don't have or won't use internet, we are using traditional RSVP cards.

What do you all think?

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That sounds good. I am doing online RSVP and for those who do not use the Internet, I am going to list a phone number where they can call in their RSVPs.

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I plan on doing the same think. I think it only makes sense because it saves you time & money and most sites now keep track of everything for you so there is less room for error with this type of RSVP.

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Hi. I think this is a great idea. My Fiance and I are also trying to figure out how to put this together. We are getting married in Ireland next year and have family in the US as well and some dont have computers or internet access not to mention it would definitly save on postage. Have you actived the free website feature? I also have a profile on and they have a free wedding webiste you can create as well. (We just started this process so not sure which site we'll be using for our web page just yet) Theres an RSVP section available. Im going to put the website address on all our invitations not only for those who will RSVP via online but also so that people can go there to see our story, photos, leave comments and get up to date info on the wedding since its overseas. Its also a good way for both our families to get to know each other a little bit since some have never met because of the distance.

I wish you the best of luck and congrats!!! Take care =)

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I really want to do that. phone/internet. It should be more accurate and people wont try to force any extra guests on you because the system can be set not to allow that. I think its a great idea...even if its not about the money.

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We have a website on (we made it before I found out about wedding wire). It allows for online RSVPS

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If everyone is internet savvy, It should be fine. I couldn't, because I think of all the guests who would have a hard time responding, like my grandma, mother in law, and some older aunts and uncles. You would have to think about that before considering email invites.

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We are mailing the invites. Its just that on the RSVP cards...some will direct people to our website, while others will be the traditional RSVP card...for those who don't access the internet

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Sounds like a great idea! We did the same thing. We have a website that allows for guests to RSVP. On our RSVP card we just added a line at the bottom that says:

Alternatively, please feel free to RSVP online via our website: www xxxx. com

Its nice to have people RSVP online, however I feel a little miffed that we still had to shell out big bucks for all those stamps anyways.
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I am not even doing a mailed reply RSVP card. Its call or e-mail. Everyone may not have internet, but everyone has access to a phone =)

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Since it is customary for you to pre stamp the RSVPs it can get costly. What made my final decision to use the online RSVP was when I asked the post office clerk if stamps were going up soon and she said yes! I would have wanted the pretty wedding stamps but to be on the safe side she said to buy the "forever stamp".

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I would say that over the last year, about 1/2 of my customers decided to use their web site as an RSVP station too, and it worked out great. So many people forget to send their RSVP's too! Like the previous comment, it will save you money with the postage.

The link below shows that on May 11, 2009 42 cents will increase to 44 cents (unless you purchase several Forever stamps while they last).

Best wishes!!

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Its agreat idea to cut down on costs for sire. We put RSVP's with our invites with our email address that we craeted on it. it was fun because we got to create a cute email ( And for peopel who dont hsve the internet or any access, we sent a traditional RSVP.

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I'm doing online RSVP. Not only will it save me money on printing and postage, but it is a "green" way of doing things because it creates less waste! Another advantage is that it prevents people from adding on guests when they RSVP. The site only allows you to reply for people on the invitation.

The vast majority of people that I'm inviting are online and can reply to my web site. I will also include my phone number if people prefer to reply that way, and the web site allows me to go in and record their RSVP's myself. For a few elderly relatives that I expect to not come but want to send an invitation, I will add a personal note saying that I am aware that they will not be able to attend and that there is no need to RSVP.

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After creating a million and one wedding accounts I have found that to have the best/safest RSVP online system. Each invite will be assigned an RVSP code. They will have to not only enter their last name but the code too in order to confirm. The guest will also get confirmation email after they confirm!

For those who forget to respond can be sent out a reminder. The site development tool is pretty clean as well.

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I had been going back and forth about the idea of doing online RSVPs as well, and reading all these comments has helped me decide to go ahead with it. Another reason I'm for it is that the WeddingWire tool makes it hard to add guests who weren't invited, as it only lists RSVP options for those whose names are in that particular party. A couple friends of mine who recently got married ran into major issues with guests RSVPing for significant others, friends, etc. who were not listed on the invitation.

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We are using They offer telephone and online rsvp. They also call all guests who don't rsvp. My sister used them and they got an rsvp from everyone. It just doesn't make sense to use reply cards anymore. Everyone has a phone or the internet :).

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Does Wedding Wire have an RSVP service?

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we're including website rsvp and then the phone number of parents on both sides for those who are not too great with the internet
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