Seriously? That much to have your makeup done?! **My first mini vent**
I'm struggling with the makeup issue. Seems like so much money just to have your makeup done. I have priced out quite a bunch of places. They are anywhere from $75-200 just for my makeup! And then some even charge for the trial and for travel.

I'm not going to require the BMs to have theirs done. I thought about paying for them too, but with these prices that would be insane!

I'm considering just going to the mall counter ones and buying the $50 worth and then they do it for free. At least you get something out of it in the end. Are they just as good though?

What are you all paying for makeup?

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FMS, the barefoot wife!
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I am doing my own make up, our small town doens't have a make up artist, there isone chick that does make up as a hobby, but I will probaly just end up doing my own, I will practice before the wedding though.

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Oh I forgot to mention that a friend of my mothers just offered me her $50 discounted rate of $100 for me and $60 per bride (Usually $150/$75) Is this good? Cause I'm hyperventilating over here!

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I meant **$60 per bridesmaid**
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You get what you pay for...going to a makeup counter on your wedding day seems stressful to me...You have to understand that this is a BUSINESS..Not a cute hobbie.
training is time and money....Again you get what you pay for..

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I am in the EXACT same boat... it's sooo expensive. :(
i have a girl coming in two weeks to my house to do a trial run on me and my girls (3 of them) and my mom is paying it for it..other wise i'd be like hello mac counter.

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I think I paid something like $20 maybe a little more. I couldn't see paying somebody to do my makeup so I just picked up a new shade of lipstick and some eyeshadow.

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Im paying 125.00 for my hair and 75 for my makeup airbursh. That sounds about right. I agree it is obsured to pay that but i am one of those people that dont have any artistic bones in my body to do my own makeup for that day LOL
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I am also doing my own makeup, along with the bridesmaids, and my mother. It is to expensive and I just don't have that kind of money to throw on makeup that will probably need touching up later, I'm good at applying makeup anyway and I have quiet a collection so I'm just going to do it that, that way I know i'll like it and I can touch it up no problem later.

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@ Cindy- those prices are about average. It is customary to also pay travel time and a trial fee. The materials are expensive, and you are also paying for their labor time.
The women at the makeup counters do a great job, but it may be stressful for you to do on your wedding day. They are generally crowded and pressed for time. For te extra $20, I would pay to have them come to me. I did my own makeup though, after going to get it done many times and being taught how to properly apply everything.

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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Cindy, I know it's a lot of money, but let me put in my two cents here. Professional makeup artists use higher quality make-up that cannot be purchased by consumers. The formulation is different so that it looks GREAT in photographs and accentuates your best features. You've undoubtedly read the posts explaining why every other vendor costs what it does...well, the same is true here. I always encourage my brides to let a professional do their makeup for them, and I show them photos of brides whose makeup was done professionally...the work just speaks for itself. I don't know if the rate your mom's friend quoted you is good for your region of the country (makeup artists, please chime in on this), but do make sure that she's a professional, preferably a licensed esthetician. Good luck!

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Holly crap.... what are you having it permanently tattoed to your face? I can't believe they charge that much. I am being charged $15.00 and she is a professional. She did a trial on my hair and makeup and charged me $15.00. The day of the wedding, updo is $40.00 and makeup is $15.00.
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Hi Cindy,

The prices that you've been quoted are correct. The difference is attributed to several factors such as the artist's experience, the products being used, the foundation being airbrushed or traditional, the location, etc. When looking for a makeup artist you want someone who has had experience and can provide samples of his/her work. This can help you narrow down who you want to do a trial with. Some artists provide packages for brides which include the trial and most of us will apply your trial fee or at least part of it to your balance. As Brian explained, having your makeup done professionally will pay off in the end. Consider how much you are spending on your pictures. You also want the artist come to you on your special day. Don't forget that at a mall counter, an artist's main job is to sell products. A good makeup artist can set the tone for the rest of your day being that he/she is one of the first vendors you deal with on your special day.

Best wishes!!

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I am going to the MAC store where they will do my make-up and paying $50 plus I get a "free" mascara. They have done my makeup for just about every major event I have been to so I trust them. They are professionals at the stores.

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I am doing my own makeup and have done my makeup for photos in the past. There are so many great quality makeup brands now available: MAC, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Eve Pearl, etc that are professional quality you can use and then you at least have products to use after the wedding.
You can also find makeup videos on I have also used the website for videos. She is an Emmy award winning makeup artists and has great products.

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@Jamie - Wow, just wow. I would cry.

I'm having a hard time finding a MUA. I had one but my BM's were flaking on me and I lost her to someone else. :-( Ever since I've been looking. I was susposed to have a trial this weekend past but she flaked out on me. I was going to have a friend do it for me, but my BFF told me not to go that route. She's great with makeup and very creative, but we have VASTLY different tastes. I will start the search for a professional again soon enough. :-(

Stephanie Hickerty

Emindee Images
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Cindy, please let me relate 2 stories to you...this happened a few weeks ago. One of my brides decided to go to the makeup counter. When I met up with her I was sadly shocked. She was so upset...while her makeup looked fine for everyday wear, it was not up to par for a wedding. Thank goodness the salon where she was getting her hair done had a makeup artist that was able to resurrect her makeup and she looked beautiful. Most (not all) makeup counter specialists do not have the experience or specialty for applying makeup for a wedding. Also, "counter" makeup does not have the staying power or quality that the makeup artists have access to & use. It is worth every cent you spend to have your makeup professionally applied. Also, counter specialists don't have the experience with how makeup & photography work. (no shimmer on browbones or look oily with it). The second bride did the same thing. I was having to help fix her makeup. By the time her reception

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My quote wasn't too bad ($75 for hair & makeup combined) but the girl flaked on me and I had my aunt do my makeup. We went to Ulta (a makeup store similar to Sephora and the like) and they did a practice run so we learned how to apply the makeup and bought cheap versions of their products (otherwise its SOOO expensive!) and guess what--- makeup turned out GREAT!

Professional makeup is nice but if you can't afford it, there are reasonable alternatives.

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Depending on what makeup counter you go to, they do have to undergo some type of training but it also depends on how long they've been doing it. I went to the MAC counter about a month ago and loved the makeup she did for me. Come to find out, most of the MUA also freelance. So that's what I'm doing. I actually just booked today. She is doing mine for $80 and my lady in waiting and BM for $35 each. Obviously theirs won't be as elaborate as mine. MOH prefers to do her own.
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