September Wedding Colors
My wedding is September 3rd of next year, I'm working on a fairly small budget ($3000-$5000, unsure yet), and most everything will be DIY, no planner for me! So I've been trying to decide on my colors before I start on any project ideas. I picked out a few that I think look really good together, but I'd like your opinions as well :) The five colors on the side are the colors I picked, and the flowers are for comparison sake (though I really do like that bouquet).
So, do you think this would work well as an early fall theme??
Thanks guys!

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I think the colors would work. A pretty mix.

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And many of those colors are found naturally in the fall. Should work out well

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i like!!!! why is it that the closer to the wedding i get the more i want to change??

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As pretty as they are, with that small a budget- you need to think about the availability of stuff in the colors. You may want to go with common colors, like burgundy for sure. You may want to stick with something more classic like burgundy, black and white. If you use black and white as a base, almost everything else will be chepaer- linens, invites, the rest of the decor. You'll also be able to buy more stuff used.

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great choice!

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i like those colors very nice

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Jr. B. -
I hear where you're coming from, it probably would save money. Burgundy, black, and white just seem so dull to me..There's already quite a few things we've got figured out. The ceremony and reception are at the same place, the ceremony will be outside though. There's only one fee to rent the whole place, which is awesome :) I have people willing to donate their time to prepare the food, instead of catering. My mother has a work friend who does photography and videography, so that will come in handy. What I'm getting at is I have quite a bit to spend on decorations and other fun stuff.

Also, I'm really crafty. I know how to crochet, cross stitch, make jewelry, sew, scrapbook, paint, draw, and a few other random things.. All the random craft stuff I have built up (in my black-hole of a closet) is definitely enough to get ideas and get started.

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I love that bouquet!! I think those colors are beautiful!

I am having my wedding in October and my colors, and budget, are similar... this is the bouquet I am using for my inspiration

I really like the purple you have in there

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yes I love those colors they work really nice am using simmaler colors like samantha that why i picked sept always love the colors of the changing of the leaves

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Great thing about flowers, if your not stuck on the TYPE of flowers, in Sept. you can still get all those colors in lots of diff. flowers and not break the budget. You just have to be careful of how you use your flowers and what kind of bouquet you want. Courtney is doing hot pink and orange, for the very reason that she didn't want common 'fall' colors. if you do your research you can come up with good stuff. Jr B had a good point as far as using white/black as a base color...doing that with the table cloths but using color for runners and napkins and the centerpieces! You'll do fine:)

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Well after some experimenting, I think I'm going to try and make flowers out of ribbon :) It will be a heck of a lot cheaper. Plus, I don't have bridesmaids, only a maid of honor, so that will cut down cost. Not sure if I will use the flowers for centerpieces as well or not. I've still got awhile to think :)
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