Seating round tables????
How many people will a round table set comfortably at a reception??

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2d Bride
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How big is the round table? Here's a guide I found:

* 30" Round Tables Seat 2-3 People
* 36" Round Tables Seat 4 People
* 42" Round Tables Seat 5 People
* 48" Round Tables Seat 6 People
* 54" Round Tables Seat 7-8 People
* 60" Round Tables Seat 8 People
* 72" Round Tables Seat 10 People

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yup, what second bride said.

My venue tried to tell me 6-8 people could sit at a 48" table. Um no!

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It's a 48" round table. Thank you so much for the guide

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Jasmine we have 48" tables at our venue too. My girlfriend has a 48" table on her deck. We did six place settings on it. Anymore than that was too much.

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I sure was wonder what the limit was, so now I know. Thank you Labake

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Our venue had 48 inch round tables and 60 inch round tables.

Their guide was 6-8 people for the 48 inch ones and 8-10 people for the 60 inch.

Honestly, we fit in 11 at one 60" table because one piece of advice that we got from our caterer was "People would rather have a little less room and be squeezed in with people they know and are comfortable with, than moved to a table with strangers." Our table of 11 had no way of really breaking them up without separating people that wouldn't want to b separated or moving people to tables where they won't know anyone or having 2 half empty tables by splitting it in half.

We checked with our caterer if 11 could work, and they said that they have done it before and it's fine. Were they tight? Yes. But did they fit? Yes. and most importantly they were happy sitting with the people they were sitting with.

Here are some photos. Table 3 and 7 is a setup of 8 on a 60inch table. The last photo shows the table of 11 in the background.

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I would also take your place setting into account, my coordinator said I could fit 8-10 comfortably at my tables but after doing a mock up with the charger plates we decided that anything over 8 would be too crowded and uncomfortable :-)
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