Scratch off lottery tickets as wedding favors...
I THINK I caught a glimpse of this on four weddings yesterday in passing and it sparked the idea in my head and I really want to do it.

I'm kinda in love with scratch offs. However only when it is with someone else's money lol. It is something that I never buy for myself but I love getting them from my dad for Christmas and whatnot. So going along with that, I would personally LOVE getting scratch offs as a wedding favor. I would much rather get those and have fun at the chance of winning some money (on someone else's dime lol) then getting a knick-knack that I'll never use or some pieces of candy.

I've talked to my mom and I think we decided that if we did this the amount we would do would depend on our final guest count. I could package them up nicely and put a label that says "Wishing you riches from the new Mr. and Mrs."

Have anyone seen this done or have done it themselves? or as a guest would you enjoy getting this as a favor?

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It sounds like a lot of fun to me, although you may find some folks that are anti-gambling who might find it in poor taste.
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Rachel W.
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I think that would be cool.

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I think it is a really cute idea!

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I like that idea a lot! I can see some people getting weird about it if kids are playing (no one would care at my wedding) but you know your guests more than us so do it if you think it will work!

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I love the idea.

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sounds great, I may steal this, lol.

Cynthia B
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Sounds fun! My FFIL gives scratch tickets every year for Christmas. It is always such fun. The best gift every year ;)
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I love it; in NJ, they even have wedding theme ones!

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That's good to know Celia! We are getting married in Maryland but I'm from New Jersey and my FH is from Maryland so we'll have guests from both states. So I figured if I did do them that I would get the Jersey ones for our Jersey guests and the Maryland ones for our Maryland guests to make it easy on our guests so they don't have to worry about finding somewhere after the wedding to cash them in. That makes me excited to know that Jersey has wedding themed ones!

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Found the New Jersey wedding ones (MatriMoney) online and love them! Thanks for the heads up on that Celia!

Unfortunately Maryland doesn't have anything remotely wedding related but they have "Cash Fiesta" which could work since our wedding is on Cinco de Mayo haha.

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i love that idea, ive been looking for wedding favors for months, and havent been happy with any of the cheap little knick-knacks that nobody will take or use once they get home. LOVE your idea! I think i'll do the same thing!:)

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FutureMrsOhler I have posted about the favors few weeks ago ... & that is basically what I am doing as 1 of the favors ... Check out the link...

I will be putting my lottery tickets into the envelopes with a ribbon & some kind of cute saying...
the glassine envelopes can be found on

I LOVE the lottery idea much better then getting a shot glass or a picture frame.. I have so many at home that I have got in the past, & i never use them ...

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Scratch offs are fun....And i love the few times i have received one as a gift or prize, but i personally am not a big enough person to give them as gifts. I just can't imagine if one of those scratch offs actually won one of the grand prize amounts, and knowing that even though i bought that ticket the thousands of dollars was not mine to keep. I guess i am just selfish in that way. However if you know you are a bigger person than I am and would not feel any resentment toward someone winning, then i say do it.

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Im doing it! love it!

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My FSIL and FBIL did those for her wedding a year and a half ago, I thought they were awesome and I don't think anyone else thought anything different. My vote is to go for it!

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Awesome idea!! I would love recieving them. But I also agree with Krista, I would be soo mad if someone won thousands!! Guess I am somewhat selfish too...

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Krista & Kelseh S. ~ while I agree with you, if someone won the grand prize I would be mad too, but at the same time, if you didnt have the idea of having a lotto for the wedding favors, you would have never bought that lotto in the first place... so either way you wouldnt have won the grand prize...
and I think if your guest won the grand prize, even $500, I would think they would probably share it with you, at least some of it ... I know I would ....

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Yea, I agree Irchykk. I know that if I went to a wedding and won a significant amount on a scratch off favor that I would share it with the married couple. I can only hope some of my guests would be the same if they are that lucky :P But even if not, you are right in that I never would have bought them for myself anyway.

Rachel S.
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My cousin did this and I still talk about it to this day- I love the idea! "Hope you're as lucky as we are" or something to that extent! I personally think this is awesome!
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