Scar/Tattoo/Acne Coverup? Let's discuss body makeup....
So, I burned the s**t out of my arm about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Now I have a scar that is about 2" x 3" on my forearm. Want to look perfect in pictures. I tried Dermablend and it looks horrible and rubbed off on everything. Trying Colortration with Barrier Spray today...any suggestions?

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Kat Von D has a line through Sephora i think. It's supposed to be really good!!

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Picked up the color wheel from Ben Nye (theatrical makeup) personally... have been messing with it and seems to do a pretty good job--- just gotta find the right brown to fake the freckles!!! :)
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A good makeup artist can take care of scar cover up for you. I did a wedding last year where a bride had a scar on her forearm that was 5-6" long. She asked that I remove it from the pictures where necessary. It was never an issue in the pictures.

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I do have a makeup artist, but when I did my trial I didn't have this crazy burn/scar....

The colortration I'm using suggests using this "barrier spray". The barrier spray is used by professional theatrical artists like blue man group. I just don't want to get makeup all over my dress....

It seems to be working thus far. But, I would like to know what techniques others have used.

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For acne/dark spots, try Urban Decay 24/7 concealer stick. I love it. But you need to also get Benefit's The Pore Fessional and apply it with a sponge or brush for best results. Let it dry and then use the concealer stick and other makeup. This is if you are doing your own makeup. Although, if you are hiring a makeup artist, you could always take your own and ask them to apply it as well.



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Your makeup artist should be able to cover the scar and protect your dress as well. Hopefully she is using airbrush makeup. There are many products designed to seal the makeup from rubbing off. OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) sells such a product. It's designed for full body airbrushing. I use it on all of my tattoo covers for brides and models. Airbrush will not be cakey or clumpy over the scar like some of the typical concealers are.

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oh ruby thats good advice... I have heard about urban decay... where can i get it?
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IMHO, Dermablend makes a good product if you want to do it yourself.

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I didnt even think about the photographer being able to touch up the pictures. I have a scar on my right arm from my small pox vaccine (I had to get it to deploy) so i was going to have her not take any pictures of my left arm. I also didnt think about using makeup...thats why I love it here!

Cesar Cabrera Photography

Cesar Cabrera Photography
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The photographer should be able to take care of that for you... I've had clients with scars and/or burns in the past; and it is feasible to remove them... Just make sure that your photography contract includes editing and touch up...


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Colortration oxidized so quickly that it turned too rosy for my skin color, and unless you have pink or red skin, its useless. But, the barrier spray was freakin' awesome. We used another makeup and it worked wonderfully. You can find the mehron? barrier spray on many websites for cheap. Use just one spritz, if you use too much it will flake...
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