SCAM??????? Help!
Ok so I just got a call from a company called Chef Master USA. They said that we won 4 engagement gifts from signing up with different places. I have randomly signed up for stuff so who knows where they got my info. We get to pick either two wedding bands (super ugly) or a 2 night 3 day vacation, and then 3 other random things. We have to go to a cooking presentation, but are told to bring no money. Normally when something is a scam you can find it easily online. The only thing I can find are videos on youtube of couples talking about the presentation afterwards.

What do ya'll think???!?!? So weird!

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Basically you have to buy something (not cheap!) to get something. That's my definition of a scam.

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If you have to view a presentation, the free gift usually isn't worth your time. I'd politely decline and ask to be removed from their call/mailing list and that your information is not shared with other companies.

Did you attend a bridal show recently? They are notorious for selling your info for this type of crap.

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I got a call from the same company a few weeks ago. They called me like five times a day. I figured it was a scam and asked that they not call me anymore.

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It's probably from Davids Bridal. They "share" your info.

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i have gotten the same calls but havent returned their calls im not interested lol db shares info I did not know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh Lord, you sign up at a Bridal Show, and all the phone doesn't stop ringing. Thank goodness for caller i.d.

The standard rule...If it is too good to be true, it usually isn't good at all.

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Oh yes... TOTAL Scam. We went to something like that. But they called themselves Global Lifestyles. They said you get either 2 free engagement rings or you get free hotel stay. We went cuz we had nothing to do and wanted to see what their catch was.

Well, the "free jewelry" was from LVJewelry that is already free if you use the brides code. Also, the "free hotel stay" makes you pay $100 refundable deposit fee in order to book it and it's not through them. It's through some other agency and it's up to them if they have the rooms or not, not the hotel.

Don't let them waste your time. Tell them no. They are trying to sell their pots/pans with the cheapest package at 1500. Not worth it.

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SCAM. I signed up for a "free honeymoon vacation package" at a bridal show a few weeks ago, and got called back one day later from a company called "American Prestige". I was so excited to know I'd won. All we had to do was attend a presentation (90min) for some cookware, no purchase necessary, then we'd be given the voucher for our vacation. I googled it.. and they go by MANY different names, but theyre all the same SCAM. dont fall for it. I dont understand why bridal shows allow these people to do this.

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@september bride, they get to do this because they pay for it! bridal shows are all about greed :( unfortunately.

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Thank you all for the advice - seemed a bit shady to me as well. Any company that posts a promotional video on YouTube titled "Chef Master Scam" is probably not reputable. Like you said, seems too good to be true, so it probably is. Thanks a lot David's Bridal.

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i just got that same call. i am also trying to figure out if it is a scam. i googled it and came up with different responses. most of the people from here said that they went and received the gifts. how can it be a scam if you dont give them any credit info? also, with all prizes you win you are required to pay the taxes. ?? are they just trying to sell the products?

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I've had a few calls from these people. I don't like to be rude to the sales people because they are just doing their jobs even if the company is shady.

When the caller asked me if I had a pen ready, I politely said "Thank you but we aren't interested," and she says "Well that's fine, I'll just pass these gifts that are completely paid for onto someone else!" LOL, SO RUDE!!!

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I just received a call from them! Thank goodness for google and WW. :) I told her I have to call her back later but if she calls back I'll send her away.

I feel stupid for putting my real info on these forms. *sigh* I'm usually so good about not doing this!

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ok, so I got a call from Chef Master about a week ago and after reading all of the posts on this forum I decided to go to the cooking show and check it out for myself.
The advice that I have for anyone else that gets a call from Chef Master about a free vacation, wedding bands and a cooking show, is DO NOT listen to all of the people that have NOT gone to the show but are calling it a scam without knowing anything about this company. IT IS REAL!

My fiance and I had a blast. The host of the cooking show was fantastic, we had a blast. The food was great, the show was great and we got all of the prizes that were promised to us on the phone and we did not buy anything other than a $5 can of some seasoning (that Chef Master is selling to raise money for a dog rescue)

and nobody that worked for Chef Master asked us to buy anything at the end of the show other than the seasoning. Lots of other couples did purchase products from them (BTW - their products are AWESOME) WORTH IT!

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I was called on Monday October 31, 2011 from a women named Ana claiming my fiance and I won a prize from Chef Master. We won a 3 day, 2 night stay in the Bahamas or wedding bands up to $600 and 1000 coupons of our choice. All we had to do was attend their "cooking show." You don't have to give them any of your information but you had to sit throughout the entire show in order to recieve your prizes. I did not attend this because this "show" is just them trying to sell you a bunch of crap for your kitchen. IT IS A SCAM! Thank you David's Bridal!

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We just walked out of this scam, we were also called. By a woman named Anna. same deal, no purchase or credit card required. Anna suggested we should be there 15 min early so they could explain our great prizes ( rings or trip and $1000 dollars in coupons) When we arrived early at a hotel conference room we were told by the Chef Master people to wait in the lobby. We went in at exactly 12:00 and waited another 10 min. the kitched products were very bad quality and looked like something you would purchase at the grocery store. The dishes and stemware were a total throwback from 1982!! We love great kitchen items so we were actually interested in possibly registering or purchasing product, not just there for the freebies!! Needless to say we said we needed to use the restroom and ran for the door! LOL don't waste your time! I am glad we didn't!!

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I went to this tonight... Well, I do have to say, I enjoyed going out and seeing the "cooking show" (it was actually more like a presentation). We were handed the gifts that were promised, HOWEVER... The $1000 coupons we are supposed to get you have to mail the flyer in and pay S&H on the card you receive. But I decided to go with the wedding bands instead of the vacation package, and I would pay a total of $50 for S&H for both Mine and His rings. I like the way the rings look, however some people may want more with their bands.

So is it a scam...? Well, they are not requiring you to pay anything there. And their products are actually really nice. And you may like their products and want them yourselves. They had some really good packages and prices to go with if you REALLY want to buy their items. I DIDNT! But I also dont have a lot of money, cause if I did I would have bought one of the packages!

This whole thing took an hour of my time, and I got to see something new!

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NOT A SCAM! we won the package at an expo. We saw the presentation, politely declined to buy their pots simply bc we did not have the cash. Theu understood and were happy we let them talk. Then we left w coupons and a 3 day 2 night all inclusive trip to the Bahamas. TOTALLY NOT A SCAM

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Not a scam at all. We went a saw the presentation it took maybe an hour. They do not pressure in to buying anything. This is just how they advertise. Although we did buy the pots and pans, other people didn't and still got their gift package including the vacation. The products are really nice and the cooking techniques shown with the products are definatley going to save you money in the long run. The presentation was also fun. But there is no pressuring at all and they dont make you sign anything or buy anything. All of there products are made in the usa also except for their knives set. For buying their pots and pans we did get a second 5day 4 night all inclusive vacation on top of the 3 day 2 night all inclusive vacation and other gifts also. Most have been used including one of the vacays. No complaints just go listen to their presentation 1 hour is so worth a free vacay!
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YES! It is a scam. There is another company called Royal Prestige that is JUST like it! They call and offer you 3 gifts, a vacation where all you have to pay for is airfare, 'free' coupons, and they offered me a discount on invitations. (Royal Prestige offered just the vacation and coupons.) When Royal Prestige callled, I was dumb and thinking "yeah! I won something!" I made arrangements to go to the show with my fiance. First of all, the presentation is closer to 2 hours long, not an hour. THEN the guy makes you feel like you're at a used car lot and that all this cookware is AMAZING and will last forever and it's ONLY $2000 for 4 pots/pans, AND they're going to throw in a knife set worth $500! My fiance and I felt pressured to buy and we signed up for 4 pots/pans at $2000. Fortunately our parents were looking out for us and we got our money back after we realized what a scam it was. DON'T FALL FOR IT!
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