Save the Date vs. Invitations
So I need to cut cost on my wedding. I'm thinking about only sending out a Save the Date. On it I will include our Wedding Website. On the website I will ask for people to RSVP online. If I'm doing this, do I still need to send out Formal Invitations?

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Would this be tacky?

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I think you should send out invites. If you are going to cut one cut the save the dates and send the invites a lil bit earlier. You can make nice invites and save the dates incredibly cheap though.

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tacky, no...confusing? definitely...try invites, and rsvp's were just $38 for 30 of each...then, i bought $8 worth of paper, and $3 worth of ribbon, and made my own...altogether, about $60 for a pretty neat invite, and it only took me and my matron an hour for all the cutting etc to make the, you could just do invites, and have the rsvp on your website. but also include a phone number as well, for those who don't have internet. oh, right now, vistaprint, also has a huge sale going on...what kind of wedding are you having? technically a "save the date", is just that..."Save the date" many do you need?

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What is your budget? You can find some good deals if you are willing to be flexible and maybe a little creative.
If not, I would also suggest doing the invites and ditching the save the dates. That's what I'm doing!

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You can opt out on Save the date and word of mouth can cover that. If you have OOT guest I'd simply do an Evite save the date type thing. To at least let them know. Then I'd definitally do a normal invite, you don't have to go fancy or pricey, you can pick up the set for $20 at Wal mart kit of 50.
Oo with Save the Dates, you can be very creative and make one up off the computer, I am.. all it will cost you is the ink and $5 for a big bundle of paper.
I am having my neice hand write my invites, it will take time and she will be starting on them this summer, she is a great artist, she will be 14. So this may come off as tacky to some but I think it's an excellent and from the heart idea. People loose or throw away the invites anyway why spend so much money on them. If you want one for you to remember down the line then get one out of the kit and get it printed from Office Max or somewhere that will cost a few bucks then go cheap on the rest.
Good Luck..

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I agree with the pp. Skip out on the save the dates instead of the invite. That would be VERY confusing for your guests!!
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If you need to cut costs, skip the Save-the-Dates and send out Formal Invitations. Wedding Invites set the tone for the type of Event you are planning so you definitely want to be formal.

Vista print does offer great prices on Save The Date magnets, you might still be able send those for less than you budgeted.

Good luck,

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Are you looking to have them printed or have you considered DIY at all? If you have to choose between the two, I'd say skip the save the dates.

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wow i have never even heard of a save the date!! what is a save the date?? and why do you send that AND invitations?? oh my goodness

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Thanks ladies! I think I'll do an evite Save the Date. Then I'll do Invitations later.

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Amber- A save the date (STD) is similar to a wedding announcement. It typically has some of your engagement photos on it, and lets your guests know up to a year in advance that your wedding is on x date, at x city. It's very general, and just tells them to save that date for your wedding. It's useful for out of town guests, or if your wedding in on a holiday or weekday, for example.

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Mellojean we are getting married the same day... ohhhoo... well if you wan to cut $$$ you should cut the Save the dates...;-)

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Also some older folks don't use the internet so give them the option to call and RSVP.

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Ooh thanks analy that makes sense I did not know that such a thing really existed.


relate creative
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If you are trying to save some money, you can visit our site:

We have a "Budget - Simply Sensible (Huge Savings)" section where some invites are only $38.90 for 100.

Hope this helps...and all the best! :)
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Hi MelloJean,

Send an e-invite for the save the date, follow with a formal invite.

We have a number of really fab DIY invites on sale, and about 100 DIY designs. Or, you can use the rsvp set as the save-the-date: Our designs look like the $20 each invites, but range from $1.50 - $3 an invite. All handmade and fine papers.

Heather G.

Heather's Glen
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If someone sent me a save-the-date, and then I never received the invitation, I'd assume they'd cut me off the invite list!

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I got free save-the-date post cards through vistaprint. I just paid $4 shipping.

A save-the-date implies an actual invitation will follow. However, if you want to save on postage:

1) Don't do save the dates. They aren't necessary.
2) Make your RSVP cards post cards. They cost less in postage.
3) Make your invitations a normal, rectangular size. Square envelopes cost more to mail.

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Its so much to include on a invite, date time location, and a save the date and a website will not suffice! A card will slip there minds and they will never look at your invite! Opt for a simpler invite and print them yourself to save money, rather than paying a printer! You will be suprised where you can find discounted DIY invitations.
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