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Hi everyone, my future husband and I are getting ready to make and send our save the dates but neither of us are completely sure who exactly to send them to. We know out of town guests but should we also send them to guests in town so they can make sure they have work off or is the invitation enough for them. We're completely confused

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I am. I think alot of people don't to save money but the way I look at it if you send it everyone than everyone will know the date in advance.

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I basically sent our Save-The-Dates to everyone on our guest list, except for my FI's co-workers... I don't know why, but he didn't want to send them any... I guess so they dont tease him maybe ?!? lol Oh and I also didn't send them to some of my parents' friends because I don't have their addresses yet and it's not definite if they'll be invited... That's up to my parents

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The only "rule" really is that if you send someone a save-the-date, you need to send them an invitation too (some people change their minds about who to invite after sending out the save-the-dates and don't actually invite everyone who got one).

If you're trying to save money, you can just send them to out-of-town guests and people you know need to plan far in advance. Or don't send them out at all...they're not a requirement and really only became so popular and wide-spread recently.

If you want to give people as much time as possible to plan and have a better chance of being able to come, then send them out to everyone.
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ErinE's advice is spot-on.

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i sent it to friends was just for fun and for the people who are close to me that would need/appreciate a heads up

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We sent them to everyone on our guest list. We were just proud and excited so we wanted everyone to know when we were getting married and we wanted everyone to check out our website. But there are no rules of who you have to send them to.

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I agree, send them to whoever you want - but be sure that those you send them to are DEFINITELY on the invite list. You don't want someone gearing up for it, saving money, etc., only to find they won't be invited after all.

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Send them to everyone you would want to attend, (basically everyone you plan on sending an invitation to). This gives everyone you plan on inviting a "heads up" so that they don't book anything else on that date.

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I thought that save the dates were for destination weddings? This is good to know that we can send them to everyone or just out of towners... and also what is on them?

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I think if you are going to send them you send them to everyone but it is most important for the out of town guest I am having a destination wedding so its a must
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