Save the date return address labels
I have been told that it is okay to put return address labels on the save the date magnets I am sending out but what name do you put? The only suggestion I have had is Padgett-Glover Wedding and then the address.....

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Instead of address labels, why don't you just run the envelopes through your printer and use a nice font, preferably one that matches the STD magnets? No name is necessary for the return address - just the address is fine.

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I ordered a free rubber stamp from I just had to pay for the shipping. You could do this, but I'm thinking the text size is a little small... you could also go to I plan to use this for the invitations.

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Those are great ideas...I keep hearing so many different things such as... The Future Glover Family, The Glover Wedding, Sarah Padgett and Antavius Gover, etc. I can't seem to find that there is a "proper" way to do it...

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I did personalized stamps with our picture and put them on the back of the envelope. Mine said both of our names and our address (we live together) But I think putting the lastname-lastname wedding is a good idea too.

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I agree with The Potters! My FH and I live together and on our return address labels we put "last name & last name Family" with our address. So there's no need to get so many for his family and so many for mine. Just one big order and call it a day... also make sure you use if you don't already have a place to get them pretty cheap. They have awesome deals!

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From what I understand save-the-dates can be pretty informal. Maybe try to decide based on the formality you put into the save-the-dates? Good luck!
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Why not just put the return address and no name. People do that quite often.

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I wish we had seen you sooner, Maybride! For others out there, you can be as creative as you like! "We're getting married!" or "Save the date!" are fine above the address. You can just use your first names as well, like "Jack & Jill are engaged!"
Hope you worked it out and found the perfect labels. They sure make life easier! :)
Best wishes!

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