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FH is a librarian by profession and our wedding reception will take place in my hometown's old library that has been converted into a reception venue.

We both really love these save-the-dates and could make them ourselves, but I'm concerned they are a little plain and might look cheap. FH is a classicist, so of course, he wants them to look like library cards as much as possible.

Opinions? Suggestions?

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I think those are absolutely charming and so very appropriate for your theme! They are so unique. LOVE them! The only thing I would add is your wedding website if you have one.
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Very clever and very charming. Doesn't seem cheap to me at all. Our band has been a part of a lot of weddings, and the ones that we remember the most (meaning the ones that also are most memorable for the guests) are those that are the most personalized in some way. You've definitely managed to accomplish that -- with your very first impression, even before sending out your official invitations.


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Those are super cute. I would use them in a heartbeat. They tie in so many of the aspects of your wedding.

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Very cute and unique!!! I agree with maybe adding your wedding website. We had our site on our save the dates and our guest were able to find out more information about our wedding, hotels, they left us messages on our guest book! Very cute!
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