Sangria and ??? For Wedding Colors
Hi! So, I picked out David's Bridal color Sangria for my bridesmaids' dresses. Does anyone have any suggestions of a color scheme to go along with that? I've heard navy and other pinks, purples. I just don't want everything to be super pink and girly.

Help? :)

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what about sangria & champagne colors?

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Silver would be pretty. Or green.
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Ooh, that could be good! I told the girls to get taupe/nude colored heels (whatever kind they want) because I couldn't think of anything that would go with the dresses (I didn't want them to get sangria-colored shoes that they'd never wear again).

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You could use grey. or SANGRIA Paired with light dusty pink and mauve with a splash of green?
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Hi date twin!
When I was doing sangria (I ended up changing it to purple) I was going to use either navy blue, a light green color, light pink, or this color from DB called peacock or something like that. Silver was also an option. I didn't use blue because several people thought for some reason that I was doing red, white, and blue (I am in the military and would like to leave the military out of my wedding lol). I eventually changed it to purple and pink because it was easier to buy things that weren't from DB like ribbon and flowers if they weren't that very specific sangria color. I do love the sangria color though!

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Yay for date twins! Based on suggestions, now I'm leaning towards sangria, navy, and champagne.

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I like the sangria!

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Love the sangria. I think silver would be lovely with it and keep it from being too girly

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That color is so pretty and I really like the idea of navy with that.

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I say a dark green

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My friend is doing sangria and gold (not yellow). It looks really nice.

Jamie Q.
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Love love love that color. You have so many options. What kind of wedding are you thinking? For a more romantic wedding, mix it with a lighter color- nude, light pink, champagne. For a fun modern wedding, try a coral or aqua. For a classic wedding, think silver, gold or navy.

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I love the color as well. Jamie gave some awesome ideas for colors. I would go the safe route with navy and touches of gold.

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my colors are sangria, tiffany blue, and white :)

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I think sangria would look great with marine and pewter or mercury (darker gray colors).

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I think the navy would be fantastic with the Sangria. That's such a pretty color!

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I am doing sangria and old gold =)

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I am doing Sangria and Mercury but it is really hard to find things with this Sangria color. I woul love a pop color though
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