sand ceremony music
I was wondering if you are doing a sand ceremony, which song are you doing it too?? i have no idea?? any ideas would help!!


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I am doing a sand ceremony also....but didn't even think to have music playing....Good call! Another thing to add to the to do list. LOL!

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I'm also having a sand ceremony being from FL and all, lol. Didn't think about music either....

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I probably wont have music during the sand ceremony. I dont expect it last long.

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I'm having one too and I think we are going with You and Me by Lifehouse. I found a really nice piano instrumental of this song on this site and he has tons of other songs also if you are looking for instrumental versions. Our sand ceremony might take a little longer because we have 6 kids to incorporate into the ceremony

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Here is something I found, maybe you will like this :)
These are the lyrics and here is the video:

Let the sand pour through our hands.
Let us never be apart.
The joining of two seperate lands.
The joining of two hearts.

Nothing lost, but all is gained.
Now I realize.
Since you came into my life.
Oh I feel so alive.

I let your love roll in.
You gave me peace of mind.
A love like this can see no end.
As our new life begins

Let the sand pour through our hands.
Let the sand pour through our hands
Let the sand pour through our hands

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We do these all the time. I prefer sand ceremonies to Unity candles especially if the ceremony is outside. Imagine this, wind and candle lighting do I need to say anything more lol. The music can really be anything just have it playing softly in the background once your officiant begins to talk about it and your lighting it.

After pouring it, hold hands and look at each other (stare into each others eyes ) for about 10 seconds. Then proceed back to your. The 10 seconds is basically drama but it adds to the tender moment effect and all the ladies at the ceremony will break out with the tissues. I always for the emotion of the day and the moment. Its what I do. )
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In my post above I should have said pouring instead of lighting. Again we do them all the time.
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Ave Maria
To The Aisle-The Five Satins
I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden
I Swear -John Michael Montgomery

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Music during the sand ceremony is a MUST and we always recommend it.


Angelic Harp
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Sand Ceremony, like other ceremonies during the wedding is a great time to have a moment of reflection - it is very personal time. Choose a song that is either very personal to both of you, or has a message that fits the theme of your wedding.
Another option is to go with a classical song with no words to enhance the emotional theme of your wedding and allow your guests to enjoy the beauty and joy of the moment. If your wedding is romantic choose a slow reflective piece. If your wedding is upbeat and lively then choose a song that is joyful. Ultimately be deeply personal and it will be perfect!

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Moment of reflection - exactly. It could also be a prayerful song if you want. The Prayer by Celine Dion is quite beautiful, if a bit generic sounding.

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You're Still The One by Shania Twain or possible I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. What do you do if you finish with the sand, before the song is done tho? LoL
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personally when I choose the music to present to the bride for this segment I tend to choose soft music so you can hear the priest talking. Usually if you finish before the music the musicians or the DJ will gracefully fade out for it.

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"You're my Home" by Billy Joel
we are doing the whole ceremony with our step c hildren, and I love the sentiment.
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