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Has anyone ordered any cakes through Sam's Club? If so, how were they? From what I can tell, they are pretty simple. We are considering doing a small cake for us to cut and then sheet cake in the back.

Sarah D.
Married: 03/24/2013
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Lady Firefly
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I have a few times for baby showers and even my own baby shower. They are really good, I like the whip icing. I haven't ordered tier cakes and not sure if they do them but their prices for sheet cakes are reasonable.

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We need a small cake to cut and had a sheet cake in the back and it was great. I love Sam's Club cakes they are really good quality

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Both Sam's Club and Costco have good sheet cakes. Absolutely love them. Neither does tiered cakes, but they both do round and sheet cakes and cupcakes. Sam's even has a small cake they do with cupcakes. I ordered one and a larger w=round cake and staked them for my brother's birthday and it was great!

Sue P.
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We use Sam's Club cakes and/or cupcakes for work events and they always taste great!

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I always use Sam's Club cakes for birthdays and we love them. They do have some wedding cakes in their catalog but very limited. I think what you are planning is a good idea and cost effective. Btw, they also do wedding flowers as well.

Married: 09/27/2013
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Since Sam's and Walmart are part of the same family I believe they use the same cake flavors and icings in both places. I believe that Walmart does stacked wedding cakes.

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Walmart does tiered cakes and they are in the same family, but for some reason, Sam's Club cakes are way better than Walmart. To me, Walmart cakes are very dry, but Sam's cakes are moist.

Married: 10/11/2014
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I've never used one myself but have seen them used in receptions, they're always beautiful and taste great from what I've experienced.

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Sam's club cakes are amazing and for the price you can't beat it. We get them for every birthday and I ordered a sheet and cupcakes for my friends shower that I threw last April and everyone kept asking where it came from and one girl even took a row home for her husband.

Married: 05/17/2013
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just remember they usally dont deliver

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We have used SAMs club sheet cakes for birthdays and other functions. Definitely affordable and good. Occasionally they do have small portions of cupcakes that you could purchase to try them out and see what you think.

Sarah D.
Married: 03/24/2013
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@Mrs. NewBegginings - how did you stack them? I'm guessing you ordered the round cake and the one with cupcakes rights?

Does anyone know if the prices are the same at walnart and sams?

Michelle P
Married: 09/21/2013
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@Sarah P. I would be very hesitant to try stacking two separate cakes on my own if I had never done it before. You don't want a cave-in cake disaster on your wedding. It is feasible to do, but you need the proper support which includes dowels and a bottom plate or something for the top layer. You may be able to get away without the support for a short birthday party where the cake is served immediately but with a wedding where it stands out for a few hours, that could be really bad!! :)

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Michelle is right. I baked and stacked my original wedding cake 8 years ago, which obviously stood on my table for hours, but I used wax paper to separate the tiers, so it was ok. I didn't do that for my brother's birthday (it was last minute and I wasn't prepared), so the cake looked good, but it did fall apart after a few hours when it was time to cut it (it fell when I was cutting the slices). It's not that difficult though, as long as you are preppared (with the dollies and a kitchen to remove the tiers in order to do the cutting). And I used a very long icing knife to remove the top layer from the plate to place on the top, very carefully, lol. I don't think the cakes are priced the same as Walmart, I actually believe Sam's is less expensive.
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