Same-Sex Couples: Wedding Rings
My FH and I are set to get married in October. When he proposed to me he got me a diamond wedding band (serving as the engagement, featured below). In a hetero relationship, the woman would get a wedding band in addition. We aren't sure how to go about this? Should I get a regular band as well? If not, how would we do the exchanging of rings?

Married: 06/13/2014
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It's completely up to you; if you want to wear two rings, get another one. If you only want the one (and it already looks like a wedding band so that's what I would choose), just take get it to your FH before the ceremony and use it for the ring exchange. I've heard of brides who are only using one ring do the same thing.

Just Reenski
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Congrats on your upcoming wedding, Deshawn!! I would think you could both get similar bands -- my H has a tungsten ring with a few diamonds in it, and just exchanged bands, I had my engagement ring on my right hand.

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If you don't actually want another different ring, then you could always use that ring for your wedding and exchange it during your ceremony.

Even with women, there are some who have very unique engagement rings that wouldn't necessarily go with a second wedding band who choose just to use their e-ring as their only wedding ring.

If you want a different ring for your wedding band, seeing them as symbols of two different things, you could always get a different wedding band for your left hand and wear this ring on your right.

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I actually used my engagement ring ring! There isn't a matching band for out and.I honestly love how it looks by itself. I took it off before the.ceremony and we.exchanged them at the ceremony as usual.
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Sorry, I'm horrible at typing from my phone ;P
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If it were me, I'd get him a matching band and both of you wear them as wedding bands.
Nice ring, by the way.

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Thank you all :D This definitely helps

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If you want to keep the same ring as your wedding band (which is gorgeous, btw), but also want something a little more special, perhaps you could have the inside engraved with something? Or have both of your bands engraved with the same thing? My adopted little brother and Man of Honor from my wedding just got engaged to his BF (one of our groomsman, lol) and they are having a similar debate. I'll see if they have any ideas, if you'd like.

And, congrats! You two look really cute together!

2d Bride
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It looks like you got your original question answered. But I just wanted to say that even though we had a fairly traditional ceremony, we found an amazing number of small things that had to be tweaked because ours was a same-sex ceremony. I wrote about it at this link, if you are interested.

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@Aidan thanks, please do!

@2d Bride, thank you so much! This will definitely help

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I agree with what everyone else is saying.

Also I just had to say that I love your picture! You guys are obviously so in love and it really shows! Congrats on your up coming wedding,

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Hi Deshawn, Congrats on your engagement!!
I'm sorry that I don't have any advice on the bands though.

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Jess and I are hoping to get new rings because ours are 2 years old and worn out (they were cheap to begin with) but on the off chance that we end up not being able to afford them yet or whatever, we'll just use the ones we have and take them off before the wedding like Karen said. I would say, if you are happy with your ring the way it is, then go with that. If you want a band to go with it, I bet a simple band would look great with it. Or you could do like us and go with a completely new ring (check out my page if you want to see our rings). Its really all about what you two want to do

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I'll get on it! In the mean time, I did post a link to an etsy seller I found the other day that does really nice, custom tungston rings for about $50/each and adding an engraving on the inside is an option.

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Aww Deshawn that picture of the two of you is great! I can feel the love! I'd say do whatever you want! I think that one band is gorgeous in the pic!!!

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Congratulations Deshawn! Being in a similar situation, my FW and I debated the same question. She proposed to me with a traditional diamond engagement ring and I accepted her proposal by presenting her with a diamond band similar in style to yours as that style is her preference. For the wedding we are giving each other wedding bands - I will wear mine next to my diamond ring and she will be wearing her diamond e-ring on her right hand and her wedding band on her left.

Much love to both of you

Amenity Planning

Amenity Productions
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I think it would be a cute idea to share the same rings :)

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Do what works for you two, there is no rule. :) Many couples just wear one ring.

Congratulations! Nice to see another same sex couple on the boards!
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Many of my couples wear only wedding bands, matching or not. My feeling? This is just amazing. Buy all the rings you want!!!!

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I would say do what you want. If you want a wedding band and your engagement ring I say go for it.. I mean you can always wear one or the other. Or like another lady said you can wear your wedding band on your left and your engagement on your right. And they don't have to match FH and I most certainly do not have the same taste. Keep us posted and Welcome you and I are almost date twins!
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