Rustic Wedding
While I have recently changed my mind on all wedding ideas we previously had, I have decided that since we are gettting married in a country church it only makes sense to go with the rustic theme. I know a lot of you ladies are doing this so while I begin to google tons of ideas any of your ideas that you would like to share would be appreciated :)

Married: 07/21/2012
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Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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Me too! check out my inspiration boards!! and my etsy shop! (txsweety80) Crap, I just advertised! Sorry chicas!

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Check out my inspiration boards too :)

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I'm doing rustic well an Elegent Southern wedding i call it lol. Boots, Hats, Mason Jars, tin buckets, wagon wheel decor, water traugh (new of course) for ice at the bar. Elegent part comes together with the colors, fabrics, and textures of course. I could go on and on lol. If you need any more ideas I'd be glad to send them your way.

Married: 07/21/2012
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Thanks ladies :)

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I'm doing a rustic country theme! :) I'm using mason jars as my centerpieces, I'm thinking I will use burlap as my table runners, and right now I'm contemplating having a burlap aisle runner instead of the normal white aisle runner. For my pew decor I've made the string balls, and I bought some hay looking stuff that I found at Walmart... I'll post pictures of everything I've done so far for ya as well the picture I've found online of a burlap aisle runner :) The picture of the string ball and flower was an old one.. I added more of the hay looking stuff so it would show up more.

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Etsy is great for rustic wedding ideas, I have ordered a few things off of it, but got inspiration to make other things too! I am using mason jars for centerpieces with flowers in them. Also votives in little jelly jars. Our colors are purples and ivory. Our venue is a log cabin sort of place so that really helps with the decor. The first two I ordered off of etsy and the third is my wedding cake topper, I thought it went along nicely with the rustic idea! :) Goodluck!

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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Thats my cake topper!! :)

Married: 07/08/2011
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@ FMC I love it!! Its perfect for the theme! :)

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Here are a couple ides:

Hayley C™
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some visuals....

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You ladies are AMAZING! Thank you all for the help :)

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We had a rustic backyard wedding... This was my wedding that was featured on

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Betsy and FMC....that's my wedding cake topper too!
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