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What is the usual amount of time between the wedding date and the date you ask people to respond by? I want to have time to call stragglers, make my seating chart, get the master dinner choice list to the caterer, make sure I have enough favors, and do it all without getting stressed out and pressured. I was thinking of asking them to reply by one month before the wedding date. Is that an acceptable amount of time?

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If it helps, our wedding is on Janueary 3, and our RSVP date is December 5. We have to have numbers to the reception site by December 28. So about three weeks before your final count is due sounds good to me! We're inviting about 185 people, so I figured three weeks would be enough time if we had to call people. Good luck! Give yourself plenty of time! Good luck!

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Three weeks is what I did as well our date was September 13th & our RSVP was August 20th. If you think you need the extra week do it. I was trying to do the seating arrangement as the RSVP's came in here on wedding wire. It worked out pretty well & you can change people seats as needed. I loved building the seating chart on here you can lay out the entire room & move things around, it's very user friendly!
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As a retailer of wedding invitations, we usually recommend the 3-4 week rule. You need to allow yourself time to call all of your stragglers... The only way this is not beneficial, is if you have a "B" list. If your response is too early, it is hard to issue another invitation with a close response date.
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