RSVP Question: How long do you give your guests?
We want to make up the RSVP's this weekend and are having them RSVP either by phone or through the website. Our wedding is May 22nd. How long should you give your guests to RSVP. I was thinking April 1st. FH says April 15th. What do you all think?

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You need to make sure you leave your self enough time to call and track down the folks who don't RSVP. My recommendation would be to give your self 2-3 weeks BEFORE your final count is due at your venue. So if you have to have your final count in 2 weeks prior to your wedding that would be 05/8/11. Three weeks prior to that is the 04/17/11. Your FHs estimate of 04/15 is about what I would do.

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I mailed my invitations out Feb 1st and set the RSVP date as March 11, my wedding is April 10th.

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:) great! Good to know he was spot on. Also, do you send an invite to those who have already said they can't come? I didn't want to be rude but also don't want them to think that I wasn't listening to them.

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The RSVP date is often about a month before the wedding. You first find out when the venue and caterer need the final head count (usually 2 weeks before the event) and then give yourself about 2 weeks for late RSVPs to come in and time to track down the straggler guests who don't respond.

You don't want people to RSVP too early because they may just plain forget or things may come up for them where they have to cancel on you.

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