RSVP on the I put stamps on the RSVP card?
I am running into this dilemna. I recently decided to do my RSVP via the wedding website. my aunt suggested the idea and I love it. I just opened my account on here. I am almost done with our wedding website. however, I am running into a dilemna...I am sending out paper invitations that I bought at the store. I am doing them myself on the computer. however, the RSVP is via this wedding website. I am so excited about it. It is turning out great. most of our guests won't have a problem replying on online. however, some of my parents friends don't have access to a computer and won't be able to reply via our wedding website. my parents think that we should put stamps on all of their friends invites. I don't want to do that because that is the whole purpose of the website. also, I thought if there were some people that didnt have access to the internet they could just put a stamp on it and pop it in the mail. they dont like that idea.

what do you think?

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I would say if you know that its someone that doesn't have access to the net then just go ahead and put the stamps on their invites as a courtesy.
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Hi Shaina,
Wedding etiquette is very tricky. YES! You should put a sweet little stamp on their RSVP's. Since most of your responses will come back via email the cost of stamps shouldn't be too high. I know...I did the response via email to eliminate the whole postage issue in the first place, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. If you leave it up to your guest to put a stamp on it and return it in a timely fashion you are sadly mistaken. The stamp issue will cause delayed returns which will frustrate you when you have to start calling around for responses at the last minute.

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Hi Shaina,

Making your guest feel welcomed to your wedding goes a long way and the simple token of adding the postage on a few response cards will definitely help that along. Yes, you did work hard in setting up a wedding website, but there are still some folks that either don't have the access to internet readily available or just aren't versed on the use of the internet. Probably not too many guest will fall into that category so the cost of adding a few stamps to some of the response cards should be minimal!

Best of Luck,
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I agree that putting a $.42 stamp on a few invites for people who do not have internet access is not a big deal. This is a wonderful idea for people who use the internet and feel comfortable with it, but RSVP'ing to a wedding online is not a good solution for everyone.

If it is that big of an issue for you, perhaps your parents would be willing to cover the cost of the postage for their friends invitations.

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Check us out at we have a automated RSVP service (via telephone) that can be linked to your website so that you can manage all your rsvps in one place. good luck

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