RSVP Frustration . . .
So my RSVP date is August 1, and my invitations were out in July, that's all good. My mom was talking to some of my aunts the other day asking them if they were coming to the wedding, because they haven't RSVP'd yet, and their response? "Well I thought I didn't have to reply, you knew I'd be coming." Umm no, I didn't know if everyone is coming, that's why I put in the RSVP card! Seriously? I have a feeling I'm going to be calling alot of people in a few weeks . . .

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people have no respect for etiquette.

Just Reenski
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People may not know etiquette. Some of our family was the same way, they're very used to casual events and events that don't require an EXACT number. Even some of the people that have had weddings said "You know I'm coming..."

I think more often it's not a lack of respect (though there are some cases where that is the case) and more just not being familiar with it. I know no one in our families was intentionally trying to cause us trouble or extra expense.

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My Dad's side of the family lacks communication skills. They know better.

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I feel you girl!! My RSVP date is the same as yours. The first 3 weeks after I sent invites I got about 50 ish back so I thought it was going well. Now I havent gotten any back in like 4 days and its mostly my family. Ugh. My mom tells me not to count on getting any back from her side as they dont usually "do that" . She hasnt even sent hers to me. I gave her one just so she will let me know if shes bringing a date. I guess we will be calling people too. Tortureee!

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I had many family members from both my side and my FHs side say "oh I didn't know I needed to, I thought you knew I would be coming". Uh, duh, no one assumes anyone is coming to the wedding. You must rsvp. We had a GM say the same thing, but we said yes, we know you are coming, but is your wife coming since you have 4 kids? People don't realize they must rsvp until they planned a wedding or they were in a wedding.

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My RSVP date is fast approaching (a week from this coming Wed) and I only have 72 out of 182 who have responded (and most of those are my wedding party!!). I have already begun to text message and tell people in passing, if you want to eat, you'd better send in your RSVP or you won't be counted. I'm hoping I won't have to do too much chasing around but I agree with Reenski, I think it's just a matter of people not really knowing because we are used to more casual events where you just show up and bring something.

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Although our guest list is very small, if people don't RSVP, they ain't coming.

I am hard like that, but I have always refused to allow people to attend things if they don't reply when they are supposed to. It does make me unpopular, but sorry, if there is an RSVP, there's a reason. I will call you once and once only to remind you but that is it.

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Would it be rude to send out this to my family via email?

Dear Invited guests,

As our RSVP deadline approaches, I would like to remind everyone that if they do intend to join us in our celebrations, a formal RSVP is required. The information is listed on the card which was attached to the invitation. Please do not assume we know you are coming, we are limited on space and are doing assigned seating. If after august 1, our attempts to contact for confirmation of whether or not you will attend do not yield results, we will that that as confirmation that you will not be able to join us on our day.

Thank you to everyone for your support and we hope that you can all join us in celebrating our marriage.

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