Royal Perstige Bridal Giveaway?--Help!
I'm curious if anyone else recieved a call after attending the Black Tie Bridal show in Sioux Falls from Royal Perstige. I got a call that I have won a bridal package including a hotel stay at an all inclusive resort, two free wedding rings, aprons, personalized toasting glasses, etc. and all I have to do is attend a seminar on their product. I'm skeptical and am reading a lot of negative reports online from others throughout the U.S. I'm curious if it is the same situation in South Dakota. Anyone know anything about this?

Thanks for your help!

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I've done those before, they're fine. Its really boring, but I got 7 days of vacation in mexico. The way to cash it in is harder than it's worth going to a dangerous country, so I prob won't use them, but those little things are great! We had to go as a couple both times I won, so I felt safer with him there.

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i was getting calls after entering the david's bridal dress giveaway..and attending a bridal expo.always beware of these calls..but seems alexandra k. might know a bit about this particular "giveaway" so its probly ok.

everytime i get the "congrats you won this!" call...i google the number it came from.theres a site called 800notes..and one called who calls me...and i usually find the number there with a forum of others who've had the same call..and someone usually knows what it is...i did it with my free giveaway and that is how i knew it was a scam...they really wanted to buy expensive cookware first..then i win the trip or something...well it all checked out when i looked into it.glad i googled it!...and these sites also work for finding out that its bill collectors calling.hope that helps with future unknowns!

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They are selling a timeshare, and will often charge you additional fees. They make you sit through a presentation- then you are in their system. They can sell your info, call you daily, etc.

I'd ask to be removed from their calling list. It's not worth the hassle, in my opinion. It's a scam...

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ya as meghan said...tell these kinds of callers to remove you from their call list.after doing the number search thing and finding out just what it really was..the lady calls me again to set up my "consultation prize claiming"( she sounded so excited!lol what a faker!)..but i said..ya i looked into your company..its a scam please remove me from your list...she just said ok.and hung up...never heard back from em again.

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I won something similar after I went to my first bridal show, and we were there and they wanted us to buy expensive cookware items first and then they gave us the card to claim our prize, I am yet to send it in ... I'm very skeptical about it ...

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We went and my fiance liked their cookware and wanted to buy it. I reluctantly, went with buying it. The cookware is pretty good, but it's not non stick so some things I like to cook aren't good with it, but it is good cooking a small chicken.
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