Rose ceremony
I recently read on the Internet about the rose ceremony. I like the idea behind it but I wa curious if there was any other things we could do during the ceremony other than the unity candle

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Please update your avatar so we can remember you in the future! The default rings could make you get lost in the crowd. :( Here's how to do that and more:

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We are presenting roses to our mothers for our rose ceremony. Our minister will ask "who presents these two to be married?" in which our mothers will reply "We do" and then we will give them one long stem rose. Also, for our ceremony, we are having a unity candle that will include my son and a handfasting ceremony. Weddings are so unique and if you have a great officiant, I have know my for 11 years and babysat his own children, then they should be able to include what every you want in your ceremony. I have read about jumping over a broom, breaking glass, presenting flower leas, and several other cute ides. Add things that will have meaning for you to make your day extra special. Hope that helps. Good luck to you!
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Salt covenant, handfasting, unity sand, lots of options -- ask your officiant.

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We are doing a couple of different things. One is we will have a wooden box, and we will place a wine bottle in there and each will write a note about why we love the other and why we are getting married, and then we will place it in there and then together we will nail it shut (this will all happen during the ceremony). Then we won't open till our 25th anniversary, or if we ever need a reminder of our love for each other

We will also do a unity candle (I really like the tradition behind this) and I plan on taking 2 roses out of my bouquet and giving it to my mother and my future mother-in-law before we walk back up the aisle.

Lastly, we are doing a ring blessing. We will place our rings in a little bag and they will be passed around the guests while we do our ceremony, and everyone will get a chance to say a silent blessing for us.

I saw some of these ideas on pinterest and some on Four Weddings. Personally, I am just going with what feels right for us.

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We are not doing a rose ceremony but we are doing a sand ceremony rather than a unity candle (our ceremony is going to be outside so I figured the flame may get blown out).

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Symbolic Act - symbolic ceremonies

Rose Ceremony: A simple unity ceremony where the bride & groom exchange roses. Other variations: the families exchange roses, the bride and groom exchange roses with their families, the bride and groom exchange roses, then present their mothers with the roses

Wine Ceremony: The bride and groom each take a carafe of wine and pour it into a single glass, which they both drink from.
Celtic Oathing Stone. "The couple holds or puts their hands on a stone during their vows to "set them in stone"

hand blessing ceremony: Bride & groom hold each other's hands while a blessing if said

an interesting thing to do/have
Truce Bell. A bell is rung on the wedding day, the happiest day of the couple's lives and then is placed in a central location in the home. If the couple starts to argue, one of them can ring the truce bell, reminding them both of that happiness & hopefully ending the fight

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Cord of Three Strands: The cord of three strands symbolizes the joining of one man, one woman, and God into a marriage relationship.

Handfasting: Celtic wedding rituals. It involves the tying of hands together to symbolize the coming together and remaing tied together.
gives a nice outline, and some examples of symbolic ceremonies.

welcome to WW Chrissi ~ congrats
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