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My engagement ring and wedding ring are "platinaire" which is supposedly a combination of 95% platinum and 5% silver. It was sold to us as stronger, better, longer lasting, and no plating. I have had them @ 2 months and they are turning black or "tarnished". The store where we got them says all they can do is refund our money or send in for servicing but it will just happen again and again. Apparently sentimentality stands for nothing, I don't want to get a refund and have different rings, these are the ones my husband used to propose and say our vows to but the store does not seem to understand that. I have checked into dipping and was told it will do the same thing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the rings.

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I've never heard of platinaire. My ring is white gold, so my jeweler will dip them in rhodium. I've had my e-ring for a year, and it doesn't look like it needs to be dipped yet. I just saw my jeweler to look at bands, and he said he will dip it for me right before the wedding for $25.

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