Rhodium Dip?
The jewelry store salesperson suggested I get my engagement ring dipped before the wedding so it will look as good as the wedding band. Anyone have this done? Is it necessary? I am a little apprehensive hoping it doesn't get lost, damaged or something God awful!

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We did it and my ring came back much shinier and came back with no problems. It really did look different and not just cleaned. Jewelry stores are used to sending jewelry in for things like this so I wouldn't be worried about them mishandling it.

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if it's white gold i think they are supposed to... the place where FH got my ring told him that i had to get it cleaned and dipped every 6 months for the warranty to be effective... but at least it's free... look into your care plan. The lady said it would take about 2 hours maybe do it the weekend before and then just have it cleaned a few days before... I haven't had it done yet though...

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I have already had it done twice. It is necessary for white gold bands to be re-dipped all the time. The store that sold you your ring should do it free, otherwise it costs about $30. There is no such thing as white gold, so this just keeps it looking white. :)

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It will cost $30. I just wanted to make sure it's worth it...

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Worth it, and necessary. :)

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yes. do it.

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Thanks ladies, I have never heard of this!

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Yea, definitely do it. Rhodium is a form of platinum, actually. When they plate your ring, it just coats to metal, not adhering to the gemstones/diamonds. Your ring will look brand spankin' new. The jewelry store I used to work for charged 30-40, I believe.

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We did it for Dai's engagement ring...it's time for it to get done again. It makes it look brand new!

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Oooh I've never heard of this but I'm going to have to give it a try.

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Mine's due this month for it's first dipping.

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hmm I didn't know about this. The jewelry store didn't mention it. They told me I needed to get it cleaned every six months or so but nothing about getting it redipped.

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My jeweler does it for free as long as you bought the ring with them. They suggest that you do it every 6 months because the white gold starts "fading" and "turning yellow". I waited anxiously for my first 6 months to come because the bottom (only the bottom) of my ring was scratched and turning yellow--but I took it in and had it "dipped" and cleaned and got it back the next day (you have to keep it there overnight). It does make it look brand new!! I'll do it again before my engagement pictures and then before the wedding as well!

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So do most jewelers hold the ring for awhile? My 6 month check up, if you will is in june and i hate being without my ring and wanted to prepare myself if they were going to keep it for awhile?

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I got mine dipped and it looks brand new! it was part of my insurance plan so I will be getting it done again before the wedding.

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I have mine done almost every year... Its just so the white gold is silver again because they will start to turn gold and you may or may not notice but it looks so much better after its done!!

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@tori- depends on the jeweler. Mine does it in about 10 mins.

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I never even heard of this. I am going to have to ask my jeweler about this.

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Mine takes it overnight. They take out the main diamond (and maybe all my little diamonds as well)--I only know this because I have to inspect my diamond when I leave it with them and then after so that I know that I am getting mine back.

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@Nov bride - I'd check with your jeweler, depending on the aloy mixture of your ring it may never have to be re-dipped, just buffed and cleaned.
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