Response cards...what does the "M" really mean?
Ok this may be a silly question but its been bugging me because I can't find the answer. The letter "M" on response cards, what does it mean? That is where people put their names when responging right? So why the "M"?

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The M is supposed to be the start of the name. It would begin with Mr., Mrs, Or Miss. They are supposed to fill it in from there. I am not having this format however cause I think it looks odd as well. So don't use it if you don't like it.

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AAhhh ok i gotcha. That makes sense! Thank you!!!
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The M is as already stated by others, the start of the name Mr. Mrs. Miss so-and-so. On my wedding response card I also left two blanks for guests to check off either "____ Will Attend" or "_____ Will Not Attend" so that gave me an idea as to who would or would not be attending.

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