Rent or Buy Tablecloths?
Ok, so I've been pricing it out and it SEEMS to be a better deal to buy tablecloths. What are you girls doing, and where have you found the best deal?!

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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em&bee wedding invitations

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I am using the table cloths from the venue, which are white. But then I am ordering table runners on etsy in a cool pattern.

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My venue is full service everything is being done through them including the rentals.

rock-n-roll bride
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We are renting. It ends up being cheaper to rent than purchase or even make them myself.

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We bought them from

We found it was cheaper to buy than to rent from our venue. Plus in the end we have tablecloths that we will be giving to our decorator as part of her payment since she didn't have black tablecloths

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I rented from barclay events. they have a website...
also make sure to ask for a discount because they are flexible on prices if you ask them for it.

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I think it would be cheaper to rent? Maybe not, but unless you're having something custom made, or you think you'd use that many tablecloths again, I would just rent them, unless buying comes cheaper and if anything, you could probably resell to another bride on ebay if you have no use for them.

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you can always try to re-sale on ebay, for brides that are on a budget!

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I bought and plan to resell. Surely chocolate table cloths will be easy to sell if I make them like $5 a piece. Right? lol

Married: 10/29/2011
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I'd definitely buy..I decided to cut this cost out altogether, my venue has white for free (although I may get runners)..but besides linentablecloth there is also

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I purchased Royal Blue and white tablecloths from, it was MUCH cheaper than buying them and you can find discount codes online and free shipping over $50. I also bought royal blue polyester napkins. We're having our reception in my church gymnasium so I really wanted nice tablecloths and napkins to spruce the place up. It was alot cheaper the only downside is you have to store them all yourself and steam them all yourself.

Married: 07/08/2011
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The restaurant we are having cater offers linens, we are paying $5.50 per tablecloth and $.65 for linen napkins. Does your venue offer anything in that department? I priced out local rental services and they were alot more expensive than what we were being offered. I am not sure how much it is to buy... but if these ladies say its cheaper I'd go with buying if your venue doesn't offer!

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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The cheapest I have found online is $9.85 and to rent them it's $15....*sigh*

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If I had gotten floor-length tablecloths, it would have been slightly cheaper to rent than to buy. But I decided for tablecloths with a 15" drop instead and saved about $75 by buying them.

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I'm ordering from here: I was looking for just about anywhere online to order and came across them. They were the cheapest I'd seen anywhere. They don't have runners, but they suggested using chair sashes as runners, which are 6"x100", so it's perfect. Anyways, as it turns out, they're fairly local to me, so I don't need to deal with delivery and all that, but they still have great rates no matter how you look at it!

Married: 11/11/2011
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P.S. Everywhere I looked, it was going to cost me AT LEAST $450 for what I wanted, but the exact same order from them was only $330, though I've now tweaked it to add a few things.

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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Thanks chicas!

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Natasha, have you received them yet? I'd love to hear about their quality- they have great prices!

Kimi k.
Married: 04/14/2012
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I know! Right Sunny?!

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I am wondering the same thing. Try EFavorMart. I found some for less than $8 a piece depending on size.
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