I have gone to a couple of bakeries and I have been told that the cake I want will cost $1000 because fondant is expensive.I could never see myself paying that much for a cake.So looking through my local bridal mag there is a place that will rent you a fake cake with any design you want for no more that $300,and then you would serve sheet cake to your guest.Has anyone done this?

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well, if you buy the fake cake and then sheet cake how much will that run you?

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lmbo! the idea of renting a cake is so funny to me considering 300 is exactly what my real cake cost me or really close. What area are you in that you cant find a real cake for much lesser?

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Curious...can you share the company name of the rent-a-cake?

Instead of that, some bakers can make a faux wedding cake for you. It will be a whole lot less because you are just paying for the outside of the "cake" (fondant, design)....not the cake itself. Maybe the top tier, that you cut into, can be real. But then you would still have to do the sheet cake. But at least you will have one cake vendor instead of two.

$1,000 seems like a you have a picture of the cake you want, how many guests are you having? Did you ask the potential bakers for some suggestions to cut the cost of the cake down?

If you go that route, just be sure to do a little more research on the rent-a-cake.

All the best...

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Why not just skip the fake cake and serve the sheet cake?

How many people would the $1,000 cake serve? My cake will be about that to serve 150 people, but there's no fondant on it. You could also consider a cake without fondant.

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I am sure the local grocery has cakes you can stack or makes wedding cakes for the price of the rental.

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You could skip the fake, get a small wedding cake designed the way you lake and then the sheet cake to serve. Our cake is $220 and 2 tier. The bakery only does fondant.

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I agree with Combay above - get a smaller, real cake to cut and serve sheet cake.

We had a 3 tier cake from a bakery and it cost us $120.00 (I won $100.00 off at a bridal show - but for $220.00 - it's a fair price). The cake had three different flavors and filling also with fondant.

Have you looked at alternatives, grocery store, other bakeries? What is it about your cake that the baker is quoting $1,000.00?

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wow...what area are you in? my cake will cost $175.00...thats a 3 tier cake, the anniversary cake and the groom's cake...maybe you should shop around...a fake cake for $300.00 and are you buying the sheet cake or baking it yourself? even the supermarkets can maybe make you a cake if you're looking for something less expensive...

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I suggest going to a supermarket. A lot of them offer wedding cakes for much less than a cake designer. If you're going to serve a sheet cake, you might as well get a decent cake from the store.

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What is the price for butter cream frosting instead of fondant?

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What is your cake inspiration? I can only guess that it must be pretty detailed and/or complicated.... I've been on this site for over a year and a half and this might be the most expensive cake quote I've heard of so far!
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Don't do a fake cake. Seriously. A slice of sheet cake won't look like it and when you price it all out it, renting a fake cake probably won't save you that much.

In my area, wedding cakes run from 4.00 per serving to 20.00 or more. At the low range would be butter cream, which will not give you the look of fondant, but you might want to think about a different style that can be made in buttercream rather than fondant.
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