Renewal ceremony or just do a big anniversary party?? 20th anniversary - Can't decide, help please!!
I'm not sure if for our 20th Anniversary to do an intimate vow renewal ceremony or just have a big Anniversary party to celebrate instead? We married at j.o.p. and didn't celebrate really, we have 1 pic to show for it. We married jan.1997, divorced, got back together-remarried june 2000, rewrote our vows wore white suit , only 1 pic ..we remarried to be married again and back to what was...15 years ..happily ever after..we celebrate our anniversary as jan. 30th a way i feel like we already renewed so .. I'm not sure about the need to recommit, somewhat feel its reason to do the renewal ceremony is for a re-do photo op..It is something nice to do but not sure if we should do it or not, or just have a big anniversary party to celebrate being married for 20 years ..???? Please share your opinions please!!!

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Personally, I would do a something small and intimate. I know me and my FH said we will do a destination renewal when we renew our vows because it's less of a hassle.

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If we were to do the renewal ceremony I'd want it small/private just us with or without kids there, depending on how many guests vs prices...And a Big party celebration after the ceremony,, I'm going back and forth with the ceremony part...and budget for it??

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i can see it both ways... i mean mine is a RENEWAL... but we've never done the wedding... so we're doing that for our 10th..since no one in our family was AT our JOP wedding... I understand completely the want for pictures... i had like 3. lol. and i was in a maternity shirt, post partem 2 months, lol... anyhoo.... a small intimate or a large Anni party, you can still have a Photographer and take some pics, or do some engagement-y type ones of you in casual clothes and then some from the renewal day. Not for nothing, you can do a large Anni party, and just stand in front of everyone and say your vows again. Wear a cute white dress, it doesnt have to be wedding-y ya know? Just white. i think it would be fun and FINE

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You have never really had a wedding ceremony. I would go all out! Dress, bridal party ceremony reception AND honeymoon!

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thanks gals..
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I am doing a vow renewal tonight; the couple is getting married in a private ceremony with all their kids and several of their best friends. We are doing a handfasting in which all of the guests will help drape the cords, and my bride will be wearing a long gown (not really a wedding gown, but very formal. The invites were gorgeous, with a big crystally gem on the front (it's their 30th anniversary). After that, they are having a party with 100 guests and a 12 piece jazz band. I can't wait; I love this idea!

I marry a lot of couples in a very casual, private way knowing that they are going to have wedding receptions months later. Sometimes I do their more public renewals then; sometimes they skip them all together. I think you can do whatever you want! A renewal is not something you need, it's something you want. And that is worth celebrating.

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I think it primarily depends on what fits you as a couple. We had a small, intimate wedding because that's what fits us the best. We're not huge party people, but we have a very tight, close circle of friends. We wanted excellent food and drinks, because that's what we like. We wanted beautiful pictures so we picked a beautiful location.

The great advantage is that you don't HAVE to do things in any particular way. So think about what represents you as a couple the best.

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We are also not huge people gathering peeps..If were to do the renewal ceremony i'd want it intimate probably with our kids/grandkids..big party after to celebrate with close family..And we would be the first in the family who does do the renewal ceremony..DH Uncle and Aunt had a big 50th Party thrown by their children..It was just a buffet and cupcakes/ candy bar at a park shelter in summer..For us its winter season to try to find a casual location is hard to do..
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