Rehearsal Dinner places Fort worth
Hi there,
We are looking for a restaurant for rehearsal dinner place in Fort Worth, and really aiming to stay in that area-- primarily downtown, or stockyards.... or closely surrounding area. (out of town guests will be staying in that area, while the wedidng is out west in weatherford area)
We were going to do Joe T's. but unfornately their little room is already book for the day/time that we need it. we're having 19 people - if that helps any. Were looking for a restaurant, not a hotel or country club. a restaurant. :) Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi Taylor L! Welcome to the WeddingWire Community :)

Have you tried getting your 'recommended' vendors right here within your account on WeddingWire!?

Based on your answers to a few questions (budget, number of people, location, etc.), the system will automatically populate a list of possibilities that will fit your needs.

To start:
-Go to 'My Wedding' and click 'My Vendors'
-Click the 'Recommended Vendors' tab

This should help you get a better idea of what's out there for you to choose from!

Also, don't forget that you can search directly from our homepage at for 'Ceremony & Reception Venue' vendors in your area. Even though it's under 'Ceremony & Reception Venue' most of these places can also provide you with a rehearsal dinner space ;)

Good luck!

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Maybe Yelp could help? I'm not too familiar with the area, but since you're not looking for a venue, I'm not sure how much the WW vendor search would help (but couldn't hurt). But I know when we're looking for a new restaurant to try, yelp is always the first stop!

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Hey I'm from FTW too! Maybe try the Reata or Texas de Brazil. Both in downtown.

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