Rehearsal dinner near Montgomery County, PA??
Hey ladies, my Best friend is getting married at Normandy Farms in PA. She wanted me to ask if any of you ladies knew of a place near there for a rehearsal dinner? We are from Delaware so were not familiar with the area. Thanks ladies!!

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Does she want a more upscale rehearsal dinner or something a little more casual and laid back?

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not sure what you're looking for or how much you're looking to spend.. .Brasserie 73 in Skippack, PA is a fantastic French restaurant. It also costs DH and I around $100 every time we go. it's maybe 20 min from Blue Bell (where I think Normandy Farms is?). There's several other nice places in Skippack, too.

ETA: For a more casual place, Gullifty's in Bryn Mawr is great.. maybe about 20 min in the other direction from Blue Bell. more casual American food.

FYI, I'm not sure when your friends's wedding is, but if the rehearsal dinner is on the first Friday of the month, you might want to look for a place in a town that doesn't do First Friday. It's a big thing around here that all the stores stay open late on the first Friday of the month and it's usually kind of busy (depends on the town, but a lot of them do it).
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My BFF got married at Normandy Farms and she had her rehearsal dinner at the Skippack Golf Club, it was delicious.

I've also heard good thing about Parc Bistro!

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Is the rehearsal itself also at Normandy Farms? And is everyone staying there too? I ask to try to keep things close by.

You can't go wrong with anything in Skippack honestly. I love that town, but kahlcara makes a good point about First Friday. For something a little more fancy the William Penn Inn is really nearby and I've never had a bad meal there.

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Skippack is always full of awesome places, but it depends on what she's looking for..
William Penn is nice but expensive, good food.
What is she looking for need more information to help out

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The rehearsal is at Normandy Farms I believe. And yes we are all staying at the hotel which has a bus that will take her guest to any destination they would like as long as its a certain distance. I will let her know what you girls have suggested! Thanks ! Also, it is not on the first friday of the month, its actually on the second Friday :]

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I'll ask her more details on what she would like and get back to you

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The William Penn Inn is wonderful (also where I am getting married). It's right up the road from Normandy Farms but also a little pricey.
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