Rehearsal dinner- alcohol related.
So, I am debating having alcohol at the rehearsal dinner. We are going to a place called Top Golf, not sure if anyone has heard of it as there are only 6 in the world!! Its an amazing place but, I'm not sure if I should provide alcohol. We will be there for about 3 hours, there will be 19 people there and 6 whom don't drink or can't. It is the night before the wedding and I want everyone to look their best. Not saying my guests wouldn't know when to stop but we are having an afternoon wedding the next day and everyone will have to get up super early. What are your thoughts?

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We are having our rehearsal dinner in a small back room of a local bar/restaurant. Fh's mom is paying for food, but everyone is on their own if they want alcohol.

I think given the atmosphere of the whole event, no one is going to get crazy. It's just a dinner out, and if people want to have a beer with their meal, then why not.

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My family would think I had lost it if I didn't have alcohol at my RD! lol Not that we are a bunch of lushes or anything but we do enjoy a nice wine! I agree with vinlars......I think the atmosphere of a RD is more relaxed than crazy. I say go for it and have alcohol!

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Be careful with this post you will have people here jump your a$$ about "not trusting your guests" and being a "bad hostess" and all. I know because that happened to me recently.

To your question.... I say, it is your big day and you know what will work best for you and your guests
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Well if u want everyone to look their best even tho u are having an afternoon wedding then don't have the alcohol at the rehearsal dinner but at the reception tho

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One idea would be to pay for enough bottles of wine for everyone to have 2 glasses each (so that's 1 bottle for every 2 people, generally, with a little wiggle room) and have them on the table already when everyone arrives. I don't think you can police how much any one guest drinks, but if the bottles are on the table from the start, people may get the hint that what's there is it, and when it runs out, the drinking is done. Polite guests won't hog more than their share, or complain when it's gone. For 13 people who would be drinking, I'd get 7-8 bottles (for wiggle room) and space them out on the tables appropriately.
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I would bring some wine, and maybe a few 6packs of some nicer varieties of beer. That way there is enough for people not to complain but not enough to break your bank and have them all tipsy.

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Is Top Golf a restaurant? If so, is it fancy? If so, I think alcohol would be appropriate for a somewhat formal dinner. There won't be too many people there, so budgeting for 13 people shouldn't be too bad. If it's not formal (fancy), I would say don't worry about it. It isn't really necessary.
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