Registry...woot woot
I just have to say, it's so fun to see items purchased on the registry! At first I was like, registry...I don't want one, but some of the things that are being purchased are awesome. FUN!
Plus we went from 0 purchased for the longest time to 6 a week ago, and now 15 today.

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I know that feeling! We have had one item purchased off our registry and I learned of it from the shipping notification! We got the goblets that match our china (purchased when we moved into our house 3 years ago) - excited to use them once the dinning room is not longer being used for wedding storage!

Even though we did not want a registry it is fun getting items.

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So exciting!!

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Yay!! This post made me think about checking my registry and someone bought us all new bathroom stuff!! First gifts off the registry! So excited now!
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