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I've been told that the registry will be the most fun part of planning the wedding. I'm finding it increasingly frustrating. My fiancé wants to not register so that everyone will give us money, or if we register, to only register for gift cards. The problem I have with that is that I think that is closed-minded. I imagine that there will be 4 types of people: those that want to give money, want to give a tangible gift, don't know what to bring so bring nothing or will like gift cards, and will give whatever they want. My idea was to register for a few tangible gifts (ex: bed sheets) and a few gift cards. I like the gift cards idea because we can still go out after the wedding when we are broke :) He just will not pick anything tangible to put on the registry - he mentioned a car (NO!), alcohol, and a bike pump (ok). I think alcohol is inappropriate. How could we get on the right path and compromise?

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He's being ridiculous. Just do it yourself-- you'll know better what you need, anyway.

And a lot of people will say even putting gift cards on the registry is tacky, so just having gift cards on there in the first place is your compromise.
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