Registry Reviews: Kohl's, Target, Amazon, BBB
Hi all. We have not yet decided where to register. We want to keep everything fairly inexpensive since neither of our families have much money and all of them have to travel for the wedding. I'm wondering what experiences any of you have had with Kohl's, Target, Amazon, and Bed Bath and Beyond or have any similar stores to suggest. Thanks!

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I'm glad you posted this. We're trying to decide where to register. We were going to do a local place and Kohl's but now I'm not sure. Maybe BBB instead of Kohl's..

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Not Kohls! Oh my goodness, I've had so many issues

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I want to do BB&B for sure (going to one of their registry events in August, so excited!) planning on amazon too and maybe a handful of things at kohls

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After receiving an email from Kohl's about all our guests receiving 15% off, $25 free for us for registering, and a discount on items that were not purchased on the registry, we decided to set up our registry there....and then the problems began. Kohl's is now saying that in order to receive the $25, I would have had to register at a bridal show (the email says nothing about this). Then, they kindly sent us free cards for us to put in our invitations to inform guests of our registry, and they were expired. Kohl's is still accepting the coupons on the cards, however, I know many of my family members would think they were no longer good and toss them. Love the discounts, but all this hassle and very little help? Come on, Kohl's!

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I absolutely love target, as a normal shopper,but as a registered bride, Target is rather annoying. I won't say the worst, because they have a ton of stuff to choose from and I love them, but here is why iwish I didn't register there:
They allow guests to purchase items that have already been purchased. Normal registry websites list how many of items have not been bought yet by listing the number still needed, while target puts what number has been purchased. It's confusing to many guests. So far I have received 4 mixers, 2 tvs and 2 vacuums. I appreciate the gifts, but I don't need 4 mixers. I suggest avoiding target as a registry.

POTTERY BARN IS THE BEST TO REGISTER ON. They send beautiful cards with gift messages on them, it's all wrapped in white wrapping paper. And their stuff is beautiful!!

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We used Amazon, Target and Kohl's. I would recommend Amazon without question.. great, easy to use, you can add anything from any site on line and they generate a thank you note list for you which is amazing when you get something without a gift enclosure to tell you who it's from! We had no problems with our Target registry either....
DON'T BOTHER WITH KOHL's. We should have known when we had to set it up twice because they messed up and put all the stuff we scanned into some other registry that wasn't ours. We got lots of duplicate items, so they must be slow to update what has been purchased... and now... 4 months after the wedding we are still trying to chase down our "Happily ever after" incentives that were supposed to arrive within 3 months after the wedding. That's a lot of Kohl's cash since almost everything on our registry was purchased.
I've called twice and I keep getting promises and the run around... but still haven't seen what they I would say DO NOT USE KOHL'S REGISTRY their incentives are a scam!

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I can second the problems with Kohl's! Do not register with them! They do promise 10% back on all registry items purchased, but they do NOT deliver. I have also called their customer service 3 times, who tell me the same promises every time, with no follow-through. False advertising! I was married on 11/8/14, and also registered at Macy's, who promised a similar cash back incentive. Macy's sent us a gift card promptly when they said they would and were all around great for availability of items and discounts on items after the wedding. DO NOT USE KOHL'S!

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I came onto WW today specifically to post a warning to all brides who might be looking at these boards to NOT register at Kohl's. Since this recent post already exists I will just add on. I registered there for my wedding which was almost a year ago (10/24/14) and according to their ads and their website, you are supposed to receive rewards based on the purchases from your registry, with a max reward payout of $200. According to the fine print on the website, you are supposed to get this about 60 days after the event. Well, it's been 9 months and counting and I still haven't received anything. I've inquired 3 times through various methods -- phone, email, social media, all to no avail. They either tell me that they've notified that department and I should receive it soon, or worse, they have no idea what I am talking about and cannot help me at all, which is what happened today. So, do not register there if you are thinking you'll get some big rewards coupon, it's a lie.
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