Red Black & White Theme Ideas
I have just decided to go with a classic theme of red, black, and white. Does anyone have any suggestions.

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I am doing the same colors! I even get married almost a week after must be september thing :). are you using any paterns (damask or polka dots)?

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I am using those color too!! Except it is more black and white with red accents...try these sites

hope these help :)

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I am using the same colors as well. It will be red, black, sliver,white and Zebra print. We're doing an Old Hollywood theme and all of our guest have to come wearimg all black after 5 attire. It's going to be really different and beautiful!

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@ soon to be Mrs Bulls...Im loving the zebra print addition! Cant wait to see how you pull this together ;)

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@ Tiff welcome to WW and you can't go wrong with a classic...

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Look at the Red Velvet Cupcakes...NICE touch ;)

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions. At first I was a little optimistic about the color red in a wedding. But now, I am definately sure this is what we will go with.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. At first I was a little unsure about the color red in a wedding. But now, I feel great about the combination of black/white with touches of red.

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This would be a very easy DIY wedding invitation

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I love the way they set up the bridal party!

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This can be an elegant color combo with red flowers, bridesmaids in black or red. Tables with black bases and red organza overlays. Or, White table bases with black organza, white flowers with red crystal acents for an understated touch of red.
check out our website for the bride who went all red & black in her details. It could be overwhelming if not done properly. Remember, less is more.
Have fun planning.

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We are using the same colors. Ours will be black and white for main colors; silver and red for accents colors. Good Luck. and btw what color will your bridemaids be in?

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Must be a september thing is rite. 9/9/12. lol i also have those colors. My Wedding is more white and red with the accent of black. My dress is white with apple red accent color, Matts tux will be white with apple red tie and vest, my bridemaids dresses are all apple read in slightly different styles of dress, and they will have black purses.

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Here are some elegant red, black and white collections that we think you will like:{47}COLOR/Elegant-Black-&-White-and-Red
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Wow! I'm doing those colors too! Thanks to everyone for all the great tips! ;)

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relate creative
Jan 18, 2010 at 10:35 AM • Flag As Inappropriate black white&Search_strInputKeywords=1redþ1blackþ1white&Search_strItemGroup=&Search_blnAccessoryCategoryPage=0&Search_blnSingle=0&alogo=1&menu=none&morethanonepage=YES&

Nice one!

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Gongratulations! Here are some helping websites that you may want to check out, again CONGRATULATIONS!!!,,,, and edition)
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One thing to keep in mind is the after Valentines Day sales. You can find TONS of red and white BASIC candles and decorations. A candy buffet would be easy to fill up with the post Valentines day candy you could buy and store until the wedding.
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