rectangle tables?
how many people can sit comfortably at a rectangle table. I realize there are probably diffrent sizes, so I dunno. Average size i guess? lol. I'm clueless and just trying to weigh my options with rounds vs rectangle.

it al comes down to circles and rectangles

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Honestly, it depends on the measurements of the table and how much space you have to arrange them in the reception hall. Rectangular tables are usually used for the head table if you decide to have one, so everyone can see the bridal party, but round tables are usually preferable for guests so that they can move around more easily instead of having to navigate around the rectangular tables to reach the dance floor or another person across the room. Rectangular tables tend to be used for receptions where space is very limited, a buffet is being served instead of a plated dinner, and there is a separate dancing area...

Please keep in mind though that this is just what I have found with my own research... it's highly possible that other ladies here have found things to be different. Every venue has it's own stock of table choices (or non-choices) so everyone has to suffer through figuring it out. I do recommend asking the person in charge of events at your venue if they have any advice

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there is no one in charge of my eventt. my venue isnt typical.
that makes sense though about the navigating and stuff, the round tables would probabyl be easier. it will be outside, though...not sure if we want a tent yet or not...round tables would probably be best even outside...

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We r having rectangle tables at our reception. They are provided by the venue. The normal rectangle table is 7 ft...I am NOT seating people on the end and it is recommended that no more than 4 be placed on each side...3 is more comfortable. Our tables actually put 2 of the 7 foot tables together so we actually have 14 ft tables...I am seating 7 on each side. And as long as you have 3 to 4 feet between your rows of tables...your guest wont feel crowded. I used to work for a banquet hall and yes most brides go with a round table for guest seating...but the rectangle tables seem to work better in a small venue. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

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I'm having larger rect tables and can comfortabily sit 10 per table..

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if you are still deciding i think the round tables are better for conversation flow. the people at the ends of rectangulat tables can be left out.

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We are also doing rectangular and we can fit 4 to a side comfortably. Ours will be 8 foot tables.
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