Reception sites that allow outside catering.
I am desperately seeking a reception venue that would allow for outside catering, and perhaps even the use of their kitchen for light food preparation It seems all the beautiful places come with exclusive caterers. My ethnicity calls for specific foods and spices so I would very much prefer to have my own caterer. I am located in Greenville, SC.

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It would help if you let us know where you are located ,guest count and budget.

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where are you located?

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That is not very common- anywhere. You can find it, but you need to do alot of research. For starters, you'll need a non-all-inclusive venue. You will probably want to look at places that are not mainly wedding venues. I'd probably find a few caterers you like and ask them about venues that they have worked in that will provide what you are looking for.

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we rented a Cabin Shelter house through a Park District out here, kitchen included, this gave us the option to have whomever we wanted cater.

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Congrats and good luck planning! Please take a moment to read on how to change your avatar so we remember you!

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Hi Tanya! Welcome to the WeddingWire Community!!! :)

Have you checked various wedding sites/directories to get a better idea of what you need?

You can even start here, by getting 'recommended' vendors on WeddingWire! Based on your answers to a few questions (budget, number of guests, location, etc.), the system will automatically populate a list of possibilities that will fit your needs.

To start:
-Go to 'My Wedding' and click 'My Vendors'
-Click the 'Recommended Vendors' tab

This should help you get a better idea of where to look and what to look for! You can usually easily find the ones that allow outside catering --- or easily shoot over an email to them to ask!

You can also search directly from our homepage at for 'Venue' vendors in your area.

Good luck! :)

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Have you thought about a hotel? It's a one stop deal! Most hotels recommend a catering but don't enforce it. I've been to a wedding at the Courtyard by Marriott Greenville Downtown that was AMAZING!!! My cousin had an outside wedding under a beautiful tend. It was gorgeous. Check it out:
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