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Ok so I am having a hard time deciding in what order things should go at the reception. I seen several examples on the web and they are all different. Our wedding is not turning out to be very traditional and really shows our unique pesonalities but im struggling with the reception. I don't want all the "first songs" crammed together but at the same time want to get all the ness. things in before the older people are ready to call it a night. Help, please any suggestions????

Married: 08/28/2010
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i say get all the must do's done early for the people that have to leave early can see...then party the rest of the night.

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I would say select one and apply it other wise you will always get confused.

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First--your FH looks so much like my cousing its not funny!!!! LOL
I dont think you would realy be craming it if you did it all in the beginning. Once you get started it might be hard to make everyone settle down for things like special dances. once everyone is all wired up it might mess up the "flow" if your settle everyone down for the neccessities.

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I am doing what Ursula d. said. And I agree with Jeanene M. Most people will not settle down if it is all spaced out too much and could possibly become fustrating.

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@ Jeanene M. Thats funny! I guess anything is possible..... You have a really good point. I didnt really see it that way. so Thanks I think you made my decision easier. Thank you everyone who responded I think Im going to get it all out of the way early so older people can leave and the rest can just enjoy themselves.
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