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So over the weekend my best friend got married in a country chic/rustic style ceremony and reception. Everything was really cute but it was definitely helpful to experience someone else's wedding first hand to see what kind of things I had not thought about. Does anyone have like a schedule for the events at the reception? It was really awkward not knowing when the first dance, father-daughter dance, or cake cutting were taking place. Because these things didn't happen right at the beginning of the reception, people had already left by time all the events started happening. Is it weird to do the cake cutting at the beginning after the first dance and father-daughter dance? I just don't want people to miss out on it, plus I don't want everyone to leave and then not eat the cake. My friend had a LOT of left over cake. I mean I guess it helps if you have a DJ who keeps things moving, but I want to prepare a schedule for him to use. Any ideas?

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It really depends on the bride. I do believe the DJ plays a big part in making sure things are moving smoothly and people know what is going on. Ive been to a reception where place cards are used at the reception for order of events and Ive been at weddings where the DJ announces everything that is going to happen and what will take place next. I was told the DJ can sometimes make or break your reception. I believe you most certainly need to have those speical moments at the begining because towards the end of the reception thats when a lot of the ederly guest and most guest with young children that have done their partying for the day have left. They spend all day with you why not make sure they are there for those special moments.

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I think it definitely depends on each indiv. person. But, here's my plan:

3:00PM - Ceremony
3:30PM - Greeting line
3:45/4 - Leave to take some pictures and guests mingle and then I think I am going to serve champagne or mimosas
4:30 - Introduced and first dance (I always saw the first dance before dinner, but IDK) and then my officiant (my uncle) will say grace
4:45 - My father's toast (maybe FH's father's too)
4:45 - Buffet and full bar opens (which will be all the wine and beer
5:15 - MOH toast, best man, toast to parents
5:30 - Father/Daughter dance
5:35 - Mother/son
5:40 - Dancing
6:00 - Garter toss
6:05 - Bouqet Toss
6:30 - Cake cutting
7:15 - last song
7:30 - Goodbyes

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Thanks ladies! Really helpful :) I definitely don't want anyone to miss out on anything. I am really glad though that I got to experience another reception because this was just one of the things I hadn't thought about.

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I don't think that people will have already left for those events as long as your reception isn't super dragged out.

The latest wedding that I went to of a friend's was a Friday wedding. They did their first dance and parent dances right away during the reception and then had dinner, which lasted from about 8-9. Having traveled from out of state the night before and getting in really late, DH and I were exhausted but we wanted to wait until the cake cutting to leave. The cake cutting didn't happen until about 10:30, maybe closer to 11. Waaaaay too late and for that last hour or so, DH and I were eagerly anticipating "being able to leave."

Our wedding was an afternoon wedding from 12-4. Ceremony 12-12:30. Cocktail Hour til 1:30. Then entrance and toasts. Then the meal "about" 2-3. Then we did the cake cutting, special dances and then the rest was party if you want, mingle if you want, leave if you want. "Kicked out" at 4 haha :P
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Most people tend to overlook one of the things we (DJ's) do... one of them is setting up a good entertainment time line (especially if you're not hiring a planner/coordinator). One of the things I do is limit your reception to 4-5 hours max. My order of events is usually:

Formal Dances
Open Dance
Cake Cutting
Open Dance
Bouquet and Garter
Open Dance

I put the bouquet and garter at the end... because the older folks want to leave earlier... and they don't care much for it. And I don't do the cake immediately after dinner, because usually the meals are heavy... and I want to stretch out the time your guests share with you.

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MCDJCarlos-Such a good point. Turns out my DJ is very organized and he just hadn't sent me his little planner thing yet because he usually waits until a little closer to the wedding. He sent me a nice 13 page document that includes everything from introducing the bridal party, to releasing tables for the buffet, to games and other activities to keep the guests from getting bored if they aren't into dancing. I am definitely considering an alternative to the garter and bouquet thing. I just don't like the part where whoever catches the garter has to put it on the girl who caught the bouquet. I don't want anyone to be offended so I am considering some alternatives for that. Thanks so much!
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The "put it on someone else" tradition is not very common. Most of the time (at least in Southern California), we just arrange for the photographer to take a picture with the bride and groom, holding their "trophy" Sometimes the picture is with both (garter and bouquet catchers). Sounds like your DJ's got it going on. Glad you picked a good one!

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My DJ actually gave me a schedule to use. I didn't like it, it spread things out too much and had dinner MUCH later than I wanted for no reason, so I've tweaked it. Does one of your vendors have a timeline for you?

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My DJ has a schedule that I can revise :)
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