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Me and my FH is having a Potluck reception with people bring a covered dish. It is kinda a tradition with us. Also another reason this way everyone likes something there. We are going be asking people to bring something that they will eat. I have a few concerns though. We dont want like 10 people bringing the same thing? I have 2 people already bringing potato salad and 1 person bringing mac and cheese. There are probably going to be alot of kids there to. Another concern is Do we (as in Me and FH) need to purchase the main meat? We was thinking since we both love ham making One country ham (which is salty) and One city ham which is not as salty, and they making some other kind of meat. But I have been told by a few people that they was thinking bout some ribs or like a chicken tray from like walmart.

So my questions are
-Do we(bride and groom) need to purchase the main meat?
-How do we need to include this in the RSVP cards?
-When will we need to know what people are bringing?

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Ladies do u have any ideas?

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My niece is getting married this weekend on a very limited budget. They are supplying the meat and two sides. Several family members are supplying additional sides and cookies for a cookie buffet. Menu will be Pulled Pork, Hamburgers, Baked Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw supplied by Bride and Groom. (They are having a park wedding in the afternoon). Having family members bring side dishes will "fluff out" the menu but not be too costly for the guests. I think it would be a good idea to talk to several of your closer relatives to make sure there is a variety of things, so everyone does not end up bringing the same dish.

You won't need to know exactly what they are bringing till a month or so before the day. We handle all by word of mouth, but if the entire meal is bring a dish style, you might have to phrase the reception as a pot-luck celebration.
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Thank you

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Hi MayBride2012, I think it would be great for you to purchase the main meat for your guests but as long as you can do it without completely stressing over it. I know that I will be way too busy and stressed before the wedding so I would not want to cook or have to worry about running around preparing food. But that's only me.

I would put on the invite that its a potluck meal so guests will know. If I were to have potluck and not want duplicates I would have info on whats needed or already being supplied on our wedding website. That way people can RSVP their dish and others will see what is still needed to be supplied.

Good luck with the potluck, it seems like its a way of really personalizing your wedding. I think its a great idea!
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My community assn. has potluck dinners. Guests are assigned a dish according to the first initial of their last name. Some bring salads; some bring side dishes; some bring desserts. The assn. provides the meat.

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Thanks cavan29 I am stressing already and i have over a year but im just taking it one day at a time.

Nancy T that is really kool idea I may use that.

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You are joyfully invited to a
potluck dinner celebration
after the wedding
Reception name and location
City, State
Please bring your favorite dish to show off and share.

I'm still working on some kinda poem...
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thanks hayley

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Just a few things to think about when doing a potluck...

Anything your guests bring will have to sit through the ceremony (even if you skip doing pictures). That means it will be at least 30 minutes by the time anyone even touches that food. I'd encourage you to either find ways to keep the food warm, or have a private ceremony and just the potluck reception that guests are invited to.

As far as doing the main meat- of all the potlucks I've been to/thrown- the host always provides the main course and guests bring sides. They can bring additional meat options, but you should plan on providing something.

Also- be very careful when you book a venue. Many will not allow you to self-cater- so a potluck wouldn't be an option there. Just make sure you are upfront with your location about your intentions. They may make you buy additional insurance just in case...

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Meghan we are getting married at a church camp and everything will be able to stay warm or cold i am good friends with the people in charge of it and the have already said that we could do it.

ok ladies how do I do the wedding website on here
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