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Our wedding is in December & since the weather will be unpredictable I don't want to do anything that requires us to be outside. Our reception is on the entire second floor of a restaurant which means a flight of stairs to get up there with no real space at the foot of the stairs near the entrance. We can't throw anything inside that would have to be cleaned up and I don't really want to waste money on a 100 little bubble bottles or whatever that people won't really want or use again. If you don't do a 'grand exit' how do you just leave the reception? It seems awkward to just wave goodbye and walk down the stairs to get into our Civic (not bothering with expense of a limo). We are passing out jingle bells as 'kissing bells' instead of clinking glasses (plus they were in every Christmas present my FH got so he won't shake the packages to figure out what's inside). Is it enough of an exit? It's not visual but could be caught on video. What about just an 'exit' song instead of the bells?

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Oh a song sounds nice southerngirl, but now which one? lol

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Yes, that where I'm hoping some of our fabulous DJs will pipe in with things they've heard done before. It just seems like you've got to do SOMETHING when you leave or it'll feel awkward but maybe I'm being too sensitive. There's no place for people to line up for us to walk through the crowd so most of the typical exit ideas just don't really work/matter since there's no real photo op moment as we leave (besides some cools shots of us waving goodbye at the bottom of the stairs while the photographer is at the top of the stairs).
Photogs--any other cool ideas for photo ops when leaving down a flight of stairs.

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We have done a lot of slow last dance songs for the bride and groom where afterwards everyone comes over to hug and congratulate the newlyweds. We have also ended the night with a fast, upbeat or offbeat group dance to something like Frank Sinatra's New York, New York. Nothing choreographed... just a bunch of people with their arms around each other kicking like Rockettes. It makes for a fun end to the evening.

Here are a few last dance song suggestions:

I've Had The Time Of My Life - Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood
Last Dance - Donna Summer
The Last Dance - Frank Sinatra
New York, New York - Frank Sinatra
Live High - Jason Mraz
Save The Last Dance For Me - Drifters
Time of Your Life - Green Day
We Go Together - Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta
Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks
Thank You - Ashanti (Acapella)

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Im obviously not a dj, just had some thoughts on exits. Great photo ops from the bottom even from the front depending on how many photogs you have. But you could have guests line the stairs on one side or either side. If it's big enough to do both sides, they can do the arm tunnel thing. Or just one side-dollar tree has bubbles that they sell so it shouldnt cost $100 for bubbles. Or maybe buy a cheapie bubble machine at walmart like $15 and the bubbles are like $10. Then you could have that going at the top of the stairs with guests on the stair case. Or, those ribbon wands. Guests could wave them from one side while your exiting. You can hand make them or I just found some at JoAnns. $19.99 for 24 and you can add ribbon to them for color. Just some ideas. I think the bells are cute or a song would work just as well too!! HTH

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i agree with albert and susie...the song, i 've had the time of my life seems perfect and also they can still ring the bells as ur leaving

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We are personally doing and exit song; Somewhere over the Rainbow, by IZ (Hawaiian singer).

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We are either using "Bye,Bye,Bye"-N Sync, or (and I'm leaning more towards this one) "I will remember you"-Ryan Cabrera. The last one describes his memories of family and friends and how time goes by so fast. "I've got my memories and they will last. I try to keep it simple 'cause I hate goodbyes, I try to keep it simple, but I'm telling myself, that I, I will remember you and all of the things that we've gone through. There is so much I can say but words get in the way, so when we're not together I will remember you."

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I'm not seeing many reception exits these days. Rather, the bride/groom are staying to the very end of the reception and selecting a special song as a "last dance" or "good night" song. In some cases, if they are not dancing to it, they are using the song as a time to say goodbye to all their guests. It seems like the grand entrance is more the video opportunity than the grand exit. In fact, many videographers/photographers will leave the reception as soon as the bouquet is tossed/caught. I guess it's a sign of our economic times.

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